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This video speaks for itself.  From the website:

"A man brought a stuffed monkey doll wearing an Obama sticker to a Palin campaign event in Johnstown, Ohio. Realizing he was caught on camera, he passed it off to a child he didn't know."

Watch CBS Videos Online

Update:  I forgot to mention that I found this video after watching the "McCain-Palin Mob" videos created by Blogger Interrupted and featured in (Kagro X's Diary) post from yesterday afternoon .  I read Blogger Interrupted's rant from Thursday about how the mainstream media is ignoring these displays of bigotry and decided to go looking to see what I could find.  Lo and behold, I found this video soon after it went up on the CBS website.

Second Update:  As with the Palin interviews, it seems to me as if CBS is countering potential claims of media bias by letting the video speak for itself.  I get the sense that they intend to stand back as silent observers of the slow-motion train wreck that is the McCain campaign, its carnage being so jaw-droppingly obvious as to make any on-camera commentary superfluous.  Keep in mind I haven't watched any of these videos on television, and the amount of commentary offered may be quite different there.

Of course, these days there is no lack of video showing people doing stupid or reprehensible things; video of one monkey-wielding bigot may serve to reinforce liberal stereotypes of red-state Republicans, but absent some broader theme that can be linked to a campaign, I'm going to make an uneducated guess that this footage would probably not be considered worthy of being posted on the CBS website.  

McCain has unwittingly given the mainstream media an opening by letting the crowd become the story.  Crackpots wearing McCain-Palin sweatshirts can now hold forth about their terrorist conspiracies to a national audience.  Any liberal with a camera now has a decent chance of getting their video of some crackpot's tirade on the evening news.  CBS can just step back and quietly let the cameras roll.

I talked to a hard-core conservative buddy of mine today.  I asked him what he thought of the presidential race at this point, and his response was "We're finished.  We'll let you guys inherit this mess".

Originally posted to Iceman2008 on Sat Oct 11, 2008 at 01:15 PM PDT.

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