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    Fir the last thirty years, the republican Party has utilized race, racial division and one underhanded tactic after another in order to disguise the fact that a core principle of their Party is the willingness to sacrifice any group of people who do not look, act, and especially think, like them.

    For the last five weeks, the McCain Campaign has privately adopted a campaign strategy which was first used against Barack Obama by Hillary CLinton during the Democratic Primary Election Campaign. McCain surrogates and other right wing shills masquerading as jounalists have talked about Jeremiah Wright, while using a cadre of code words in their group effort to remind the voter that Barack Obama is black.

    For the last seven days, Johnny McLaurel and Sarah Hardy have taken their comedy act on the road with a visciousness which has not been seen since Moe Howard slammed a hot iron into the side of the head of his real life brother, Curly.

    And, other than a statistically insignificant number of Bloggers, only John Lewis has had the intestinal fortitude to call them on it.

    When Johnny McTrashTalk sat with Rev. Rick Warren a very few weeks ago, he simply could not identify enough groups to pander to. All of a sudden Johnny remembered what church he belongs to at "this" time. He remembered more than anyone wanted to hear, about the "pain" he endured as a POW. McCain even made a direct appeal to the African - American Community, by invoking the name of Congressman John Lewis, of Georgia. "John Lewis," McCain squawked, was somone "whose counsel" McCain has sought and would seek out routinely during the course of any McCain Administration.

    Well...Johnny McRacist didn't need to "seek out" the counsel of Congressman Lewis yesterday. Lewis called McCain out, on his own.

    John Lewis, like many of us who had been writing about McCain's latest and most desparate and despicable campaign tactic, for the last full week, finally found the courage to openly advocate "the obvious'. Lewis made it a point to tell McCain that his latest campaign gambit was NOT one which would realize ANYTHING other than an extension and expansion of a reactionary racist advocacy, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of the infamous Alabama Governor, George Wallace.

    Most telling of all, in the case of the Johh Lewis claims and the Johnny McHypocrite response...was the fact that McCain referred to Lewis's remarks as "a brazen and baseless attack" on McCain's character, and that of Governor Sarah Stalin.

    Perhaps if Johhny Bullshit had ACTUALLY sought out the counsel of John Lewis in advance of adopting the Confederate Flag as the new Symbol of his failing campaign...this entire campaign could have focused on issues instead of personalities, programs and policies instead of rhetoric, and have been forward thinking instead of a desire to return to the racist, bigoted and devisive philosophies of Geaorge Wallace.

    I do NOT offer praise to John Lewis or to any and everyone who SHOULD have acted in response to the McPain - Stalin onslaught BEFORE yesterday. Any thinking American with a pulse, reagardless of Party or philosophy...and ESPECIALLY those who were in positions where their status as a public figure COULD have made a difference in an effort to stop what McCain was doing prior to a time when McCain supporters were openly advocating killing a Presidential Candidate...should have acted long before yesterday.

    I DO applaud John Lewis for being the very first person of stature willing to stand up and be counted. I accord him Hero Status, notwithstanding the fact that it is simply NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE in this country to suggest that political campaigns are entitled to a pass on the issue of rousing the toothless rabble to a point where a down the road assaination of a President might be written off by John McCain as simply the random act of someone whose actions he had no control over, when IN FACT, McCain and his Tundra Trash Thug, Sarah Palin have openly encouraged essentially that thought for more then a week.

    John Lewis SHOULD have acted a week ago. Bill CLinton SHOULD have acted a week ago. Hillary Clinton SHOULD have acted a week ago. RICK WARREN...should have acted a week ago.

    No one acted, because oh,'s just campaigning. We have to put up with it for another four weeks. It will all be over soon...and after all, we can't really restrict John McCain or any candidate, in the means by which they choose to address the American Public.

    NO one sought to restrict the hate-filled speech of Hannity, O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh either...and after a church was recently shot up in Tennessee, and a mass murder committed by a member of the Single Digit Toothless NASCAR contingent...the man's home was found with books written by all of them...where he had highlighted specific portions which sould an awful lot like the kinds of things which McCain and Palin have been spouting this past week. The world will never know what this particular member of the lunatic fringe was actually thinking before and during the time which he was killing innocent people in that Tennessee church.

    We DO KNOW what McStain - Stalin supporters were thinking when they were yelling racist slurs and suggesting that Barack Obama should be killed.

    John Lewis is truly to be commended for being the first to speak openly in a forum where the media cared to listen. For that, he is an American Hero.

    John McCain MAY have been, between the period of 1968 to 1973, an American Hero. Today, he is ABSOLUTEY an American DISGRACE. John McCain has lost his legitmacy to govern a full month in advance of even obtaining the opportunity to govern. John McCain has reduced a system of Democracy which has been bought and paid for with the lives of TRUE American Heroes, to a system where the ONLY THING that matters to him, is how far BACK he can turn the clock, IF EVEN to a time when NO African - American is safe, ANYWHERE in the United States.

    Moreso than EVER, John McCain has shown himself to be the despicable ego maniaclal coward that first sold his Office to Charles Keating, and later sold his soul to a group of campaign managers who are dedicated to "winning" at the absolute expense of the future of this Nation.

    Two weeks ago, various commentators called upon Sarah Palin to step down...IN ADVANCE of her racist, bigoted diatribe which was unquestionably designed to polarize various communities which make up these United States.

    Today, I call upon BOTH Sarah Palin, AND John McCain to step down and concede an election which the world knows they have already lost, in order to provide this Country with an additional 23 days to allow the healing process to begin.

    Thank you, John Lewis.

    Go STRAIGHT to HELL, John McCain...and take Sarah Palin along with you.

Originally posted to AAAverageAmericanBlogger on Sun Oct 12, 2008 at 08:14 AM PDT.

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