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Today the Times have much to celebrate, with the marvelous news that one of its primer columnists won the Nobel Prize for economics.  Congratulations Paul Kurgan and wow, what an accomplishment, a progressive economist who can explain in understandable terms how the worlds markets operate and interact, and can help slay the deregulated free market economists of the right and their faux theories.  What a shame that the Grey Lady continues then to assail us with garbage from those right wing idiots, case in point being one William Kristol, a man who has his reputation and job only on the basis of who his parents are and what they did.

Monday is Kristol day in the times, I seriously try not to read it but it is hard to avoid. Today’s master piece is his standard concern trolling for the McCain campaign.  The rest of the world has realized that McCain losing and that part of the dead weight anchor is Palin.  Not Kristol.  Kristol thinks it’s all the fault of the people running the campaign, does he not realize that the guy at the head of the ticket actually runs the campaign?  He does recognize that the negative stuff is not working, but would really like to see more reverend Wright...Billy you are so dumb, we know that reverend Wright will not work for several reasons, but mostly because the whipsaw response would probably decapitate his candidate.

There is much in Kristal’s column today that is reflective of his inability to see beyond the end of his nose however this has got to be the funniest portion of the entire column.  Having stated that it is all the fault of the liberal media, who are in the tank for Obama, Billy what do you do for a living? Where are you currently spouting drivel? And are you a liberal in the tank for Obama? I guess irony is not their strong point.  So Kristol’s solution? Seriously-he wants to set the candidates free, have lots of press conferences, and Sunday talk shows, and interviews:

The funniest quote:

And let McCain go back to what he’s been good at in the past — running as a cheerful, open and accessible candidate. Palin should follow suit. The two of them are attractive and competent politicians. They’re happy warriors and good campaigners. Set them free.
Provide total media accessibility on their campaign planes and buses. Kick most of the aides off and send them out to swing states to work for the state coordinators on getting voters to the polls. Keep just a minimal staff to help organize the press conferences McCain and Palin should have at every stop and the TV interviews they should do at every location. Do town halls, do the Sunday TV shows, do talk radio — and invite Obama and Biden to join them in some of these venues, on the ground that more joint appearances might restore civility and substance to the contest.

Seriously Billy total media access?  Grumpy old man could probably pull it off, if he could go back to the point he used to have where the press ignored each and every gaff and gave him his old free ride, and if he could restrain him self from making comments regarding Obama.  But Palin, in front of the press 24/7........  Kristol has a short memory, less than two weeks ago Palin was in an undisclosed location, to protect her from press questions and access.  Palin is the one who when put unscripted in front of Katie Couric demonstrated the IQ of a moose.  Bill Kristol’s solution is to put Palin in front of the press unfretted and unedited, and he thinks this would help.  It would certainly provide SNL with a lot more material.  There are literally hundreds of unanswered questions for Ms Palin, everything from her handling of Troopergate, and the findings, to her association with certain preachers; "Ms Palin do you support and agree with witch hunts, would you burn them or drown them once you caught them?", "Ms Palin is not witchcraft and the practice there of a religious activity protected by the first amendment?"  

There are about 10 basic fundamental questions that she should be asked on her religion alone, the answers to which, if given in accordance with her church’s teachings, would disqualify her from any office, even PTA cookie baker.  Kristol is an idiot, well we knew that, but to suggest letting Palin out in front of the media with unrestricted access is not the solution to the republican’s problems.  

It would be fun though:  "Ms Palin do you agree that Jews should be converted to Christianity, and that if they do not convert the will be attacked by terrorists?"

"Ms Palin do you believe that Catholics are Christians?"  

And the killer "Ms Palin do you believe that the end of times rapture will come in your life time, that Alaska will be a  place of refuge (and on what basis), and that you are to help bring about the end of times?"

By the time the press had finished just with the "values" stuff she would be finished.  But I guess Kristol has column inches to fill and nothing much to work on.  Kos said break their backs, part of that has to be pointing out how ridiculous many of their headline noise machines are.  These people should not be given columns in respectable news papers to fill with garbage.    

Originally posted to Bloke on Mon Oct 13, 2008 at 07:02 AM PDT.

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