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It’s been some 20 years since Reagan took down the Berlin Wall.  Since that time the Republican Party has dominated American politics.  Their supply side economic policies have been taught at the best American business schools.  The republicans dominated the White House, Congress, House and Supreme Courts for decade.  If capitalism is truly measured by the all mighty dollar, as stated and yelled at us by most Republicans for decades; then their performance is nothing short of pure stupidity and their capitalistic free market philosophy of trickle down economy diploma is not worth the toilet paper I used to wipe my butt this morning.  Why?  The communist in Russia and China have more cash reserves than USA.  The Russian and Chinese have free education, free medical system, and have been running a balanced budget with surplus funds.  

I love USA.  I like a good competition.  I do not like to see my beloved country get bested.  I hate poor performance and the stupidity of republicanism of the Christian right which propagated their placement of pure incompetent idiots into high office, can only be illustrated with the balance sheet.  Either the Republican Christian Right robbed America of all it’s wealth in the most Un-American Unpatriotic act or the Republican Christian Right did the most Un-American unpatriotic act by electing incompetent idiots into high office; either way the results are in, the business performance, tax policies, the national debt level, education policies, and healthcare performance of communist Russia and China bested the performance of President George W. Bush and Republican Congress.

The republicans have been complaining the Chinese have been running an unfair currency policy.  That’s like telling your bank they have been running an unfair interest policy on your credit card, that’s why you ran up the debt until you lost your house.  How stupid have American business and fiscal policy become?  Or the reason you have been drunk every night of the week is because the alcohol was being made to taste too good.  

Where is the self control and discipline?  

Republican, Trickle down economy is nothing short of a bunch of idiots that lack self control, discipline and whiners who enjoy complaining about others helping them into their excesses.  Yup, that is truly the titans of American industry, run up a huge Ponzi Caper banking industry based on pyramid scheme on a credit card until the entire country is on the verge of bankruptcy,  Republican did not invest in industry, just look at the auto industry,  they did not invest in infrastructure, just look at the bridge collapse, they did not invest in shoring up our insurance and banking infrastructure, look at that banking and insurance collapses, ...what did they invest in, religious nut job and their churches.

Notice Sarah Palin is the pinnacle of this republican philosophy of trickle down economy of electing the most aggressive incompetent idiot with nothing more than a religious nut job background into high office.

Originally posted to guerchiotti56 on Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 07:28 AM PDT.


If the all mighty dollar is the measure of capitalism then China with $1.8 Trillion cash researve, Japan with $800 Billion, Russia with $500 billion, Saudia Arabia with $400 billion are better capitalist than GOP Republican Bush, Republican Congress (with

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  •  so true. (0+ / 0-)

    this mentality has been very clear to me in the corporate world.  The kick-down kiss-up type of movement up the ladder is the core problem, of course, only idiots let a kiss-ass gain more power, so it's kinda there own fault, and we are paying the price.

    Stupidity is everywhere.  I am amazed that these ppl were able to amass so much money.  Then i'm relieved, because only in America can the stupid become rich, which means the rest of us can too :)


  •  It's Called Dumb-a-fication of Corp America (0+ / 0-)

    Stupid begat dumber and dumbest...

    Until whining no longer could cover the debt they incured!

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