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I was just listening to John McCain giving a campaign speech in Philadelphia.  After a glowing assessment of one of his strongest supporters, turncoat Joe (Zel) Lieberman, he introduced his mother to the crowd with the following quote:

"...And how can I go without mentioning my mother who is 96 years young?  She raised our family for years in the absence of my father who was at sea doing his nation's business.  And I have one brief... of many stories: two Christmases ago I believe it was my mother wanted to drive around France so she flew to Paris and she tried to rent a car.  They told her she was too old so she BOUGHT a car and drove around France!  THAT, if anybody...  those are the genes I've got my friends."

And THAT, John McCain. is the clearest statement I've yet heard of how disconnected you are from "We The People!"  How many of us can afford to fly to France, let alone, BUY a car there?

You're absolutely right.  Those ARE the genes you have.  The genes that allow you to think of a man like Barack Obama who came up from the pits of America's "least-likely-to-succeed" through hard work and study as an "elitist" while you spew this kind of crap to huge laughs and applause among your base.  Your base, like "Joe the plumber" who has become famous for providing you with a new "talking point."

Joe, who claimed to be "undecided" when asking his now famous question of Obama grew up in the Florida panhandle.   In an interview this morning, Joe stated that he wasn't told until he was 18 that he was born in Ohio.  For anyone who didn't see that interview, he said the hardest part of learning that news was to find out he was a "yankee!"  That should tell you all you need to know about Joe.  He jokingly said he grew up in LA...  "Lower Alabama!"  Not since another Joe, Joe Scarborough, has there been an "undecided" voter with such clear intentions.  Joe the plumber continued during that interview this morning to spout each and every Republican talking point as if he were a spokesman for McCain's campaign.

Is there anyone in America who REALLY thinks "Joe the plumber" was "undecided?"

Most of us are just average folks out here in this country.  Most of us won't pick up a turd and eat it even if you tell us it's a hot dog, John.  "We The People" are in the process of taking this country back from the Bush/Cheney crowd like you who still count on being able to scare enough voters into continuing on this road to the destruction of our once-great country.  Most of us are FED UP with the real "elitists" like you and "Georgie" who were born on third base and think you hit a triple.

It's going to take more than a "plant" at an Obama event to turn this election around, Johnny. It's going to take more than lies and scare tactics to turn this election around, Johnny.
It's going to take more than these "more-of-the-same" tactics which Karl Rove and the others who have helped steal the last two presidential races to turn this election around, Johnny.

"We The People," for the first time in a long time have HOPE.  "We The People" are smarter than you give us credit for, Johnny.  "We The People" WILL vote this time and WE will try to fight the monsters who have manipulated our country's system for too long.  "We The People" won't be intimidated by your party's disenfranchising tactics this time.  And, maybe, this time, "We The People" will prove that there is HOPE for CHANGE, REAL CHANGE.

Everyone please vote!  Show "THEM" their days are numbered.  Show "THEM" elections can still be valid and REAL.  Show "THEM" we're fed up with "THEM!"

Originally posted to goldkeyrealty on Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 10:35 AM PDT.


Do you believe "Joe the plumber" was REALLY undecided?

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