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WOW.  Canvassing can be awesome!

Here in Northern Virginia, we are working so hard to deliver our Commonwealth to Senator Barack Obama and to our future Senator, Mark Warner!  (Just thinking about having Barack Obama in the White House and Jim Webb and Mark Warner as my Senators puts a huge smile on my face.) The enthusiasm of the army of volunteers we have here is absolutely contagious. I would also like to offer a heartfelt hat tip to the amazing organization of the Obama campaign. Today, we began our canvassing from "satellite offices" in private homes (thank you, satellite office managers!) so that HQ can devote all of its space and resources to organization and phonebanking.  How great is this?

Our mission here in Northern Virginia is to make sure that all of our great Democratic voters (and Independent and Republican voters who want change and a better country and support Barack Obama) actually get to the polls on November 4th.  

The canvassers are working in shifts -- most of us are helping out between 5 pm and 8 pm, because that is when people are home.  I picked up my canvass sheets at my neighborhood HQ at 4:45 pm and hit the road.  A while ago, I bought a recycled-rubber bag to use while canvassing.  It has a zippered inside pocket for my driver’s license and keys, a big roomy center for my sweater, cellphone and flashlight, and a big outside pocket for my literature and pens.  I have a shiny Obama-Biden button pinned to the handles.

(Before going to my designated satellite office, I took two organic vegetable plates with dip and a bag of shiny Red Delicious apples to HQ ~ please remember your great HQ people and bring them some love.)

I headed out (in my Mom’s car -- with her USNA license plates and her homemade sign taped to the back window, which reads: Another Navy Family for Obama~Biden).

I was especially pleased to be out today for two reasons.

First: in honor of the 100,000 people in St. Louis, MO and the 75,000 people in Kansas City, MO who turned out to cheer Barack Obama and a fresh beginning for our country today!  WOW!

St. Louis:


Kansas  City:


Thank you, Musikal203 for your inspiring diary.  Here is what I wrote:

I will take those photos in my heart when I am canvassing in a couple of hours -- THANK YOU!!!

Second: in response to the racist pandering by McCainbot and Northern Virginia resident Nancy Pfotenhauer, who made these disgusting comments earlier today on MSNBC:

Jeepers!  Is Nancy Pfotenhauer a communist?  Who knew?  This is what I wrote:

John McCain’s brother, Joe, called (those of us who live in Northern Virginia) "communists" two weeks ago. Now Nancy Pfotenhauer says we are not "real" Virginians. Um, Ms. Pfotenhauer, I am a graduate of the Univeristy of Virginia School of Law and I have lived in Northern Virginia for most of the last 20 years. I am the daughter and granddaughter of military men, and my Dad was stationed in Virginia Beach many years ago -- when he was flying (as opposed to crashing) planes for the United States Navy, whose USNA he graduated from (albeit in the top 10, rather than in the bottom 5, of his class) . . . and this also, Ms. Pfotenhauer, this REAL Virginian has to sign off right now because she's about to go out to other parts of REAL Virginia to do some canvassing for the next President of the United States. And, Ms. Pfotenhauer, that ain't your guy.

(The "fact" that she was a communist who did not live in real Virginia was also news to my 78-year-old retired Lutheran school-teacher Mom, who is also a Navy widow.)

Anyhow, armed with equal parts of hope and determination, I headed out.  And my day was made shortly thereafter.

Right after I got out of my car, I walked by a house where the middle-aged African-American residents thereof were in their backyard, barbequing. I heard "hey," and I turned to look.  (Their house wasn’t on my list.)  And when I turned to look, they were clapping!  They yelled, "Bless you!  Thank you!" ~ and they cheered!  WOW.  Talk about having your heart melt.

As Kos has said: We must leave nothing on the road.  Let’s knock on the door of every single voter and win this election.

Bless this awesome community for the inspiration and hope it provides to me every single day.  Thank you all, from the bottom, middle and top of my heart for all that you do.  

Originally posted to noweasels on Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 07:22 PM PDT.

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