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Number of miles traveled roundtrip from Martinsburg, West Virginia to Charleston, West Virginia to join the Tour for Change: 632

Number of hours spent driving in a beatup old pickup truck: 12

Cost of gas: Tearworthy

Number of rallies following John F. Kennedy's historic 1960 tour: 8

Number of hours spent on the bus for the Tour for Change: 16

Number of times UMWA President Cecil Roberts shouted "George Bush, John McCain, One and the Same": 45*

Watching West Virginians come together to support Barack Obama: Priceless.

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Williamson Fire Hall
Mingo County, West Virginia

At the fire hall before the rally

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Listening to the speeches

Image Hosted by

Welch Public Library parking lot
McDowell County, West Virginia

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Image Hosted by

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Mercer County Courthouse
Mercer County, West Virginia

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Beckley Moose Lodge
Beckley, West Virginia

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Part 1 here.

Originally posted to Carnacki on Mon Oct 20, 2008 at 05:03 AM PDT.

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