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This is a call for volunteers for the Great 2008 Election Results Live Blogging Project.  Between now and election day I'll try to post a diary every couple of days (and probably daily in the week leading up to election) calling for volunteers for this project.

We still have 69 64 65 (adding CA-50 to the list per the front page diary) 64 63 races left to be taken, so new volunteers will be greatly appreciated!

To see the past diaries, just view diaries tagged under Election Day Live Blogging

Note - If you've volunteered already, please note some of the changes I've made, especially regarding house races.

What is this project and how will it work?
What are the obligations of volunteers?
Choosing races to Cover

What is this project and how will it work?
This project is an attempt to organize and consolidate the work of live blogging election results on election day.

This project will rely on volunteers who will live blogging results on election night.

On election night, a Mothership diary will be posted which will link to all of the live-blogging diaries that people have created.  That diary will also keep track of results generally, including the balance of power in the Senate and House, governor races, and, of course, the Presidential Election.

In 2006, we did our best to try to make live blogging as consistent and as easy as possible.  You don't need any technological know how other than how to post a diary to do a live blogging diary.

What are the obligations of volunteers?

If you wish to volunteer for a live-blogging diary, we have a few requests:

  1. Our top priority is for people to blog our priority races listed below.  You may blog other races if you wish, but we would prefer that, as long as priority races remain, that you volunteer to blog those.
  1. It would be preferable to consolidate similar races together.  That could mean that all the races in a single state are being blogged in a single diary.
  1. While I can't force any minimum number of races that you'll blog, I'd prefer that you either choose the House races from a state, all non-House races from a state, or both.
  1. If a state only has one or two races and a neighboring state has only one or two races, feel free to combine those races into a single diary (example: combining the North Dakota and South Dakota races together into a single live blog diary).
  1. This year we prefer that people create diaries as or just before polls are closing.  So that I know you are part of this project, please include the tag Election Day Live Blogging on your diary, as well as any tags applicable to the races you are blogging.  If you really, really wish, you may pre-create your diary, though please do so within a week of the election.  This is not really suggested, but you may do so if you wish.  If you do do that, please try to post it at a non-peak time.  Of course, you can always create your diary now and just save it, and then post it on election night, too...

While I'll probably create graphs from my spreadsheets, I think I'll also suggest that people also use the embedded versions of the daily kos political scoreboard in their diaries as well.  This would be easier, faster, and more efficient than people trying to update numbers themselves.  Here is a template showing what I have in mind.  Feel free to comment about any ideas or suggestions you might have for the template as well.

I should note that if you're going to keep track of races other than House, Senate, Governor, or for President (such as for ballot measures or secretary of state) you're going to have to update the results manually using the table.

As for the spreadsheet, it's looking increasingly likely that, with the help of kossack Thomas McMillan that we'll be able to update the vote totals on the spreadsheet automatically throughout the evening, so that'll be cool.  However, those who have volunteered to be spreadsheet admins still have a job - you'll still need to keep an eye out to make sure things aren't messing up.

Races to Cover

The following is the list of priority races that people can volunteer to live blog (incumbent party listed first).  If you want more information about specific races, see Tomtech's diary here.

80 77 71 69 64 65 64 63 races to go!

States with races left: AK, AZ, CT, DE, ID, IA, KS, LA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, OR, PA, SD, VT, WV, WY

House Power Diary - Tomtech

[AK-Sen]: Ted Stevens (R-i) vs. Mark Begich (D)
[AK-AL]: Don Young (R-i) vs. Ethan Berkowitz (D)

Alabama - alpolitics
[AL-House] with focus on:

  • [AL-02]: Jay Love (R) vs. Bobby Bright (D)
  • [AL-03]: Rogers (R-i) vs. Segall (D)
  • [AL-05]: Parker Griffith (D) vs. Wayne Parker (R)

[AZ-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[AZ-House] with focus on:

  • [AZ-01]: Sydney Ann Hay (R) vs. Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
  • [AZ-03]: John Shadegg (R-i) vs. Bob Lord (D)
  • [AZ-05]: Harry Mitchell (D-i) vs. David Schweikert (R)
  • [AZ-08]: Gabrielle Giffords (D-i) vs. Timothy S. Bee (R)

California - evolutionarybeagle
[CA-House] with focus on:

  • [CA-04]: Tom McClintock (R) vs. Charlie Brown (D)
  • [CA-11]: Jerry McNerney (D-i) vs. Dean Andal (R)
  • [CA-50]: Brian Bilbray (R-i) vs. Nick Leibham (D)

[CA-Prop-1]: High speed rail
[CA-Prop-4]: Parental Notification
[CA-Prop-8]: Gay Marriage Ban

Colorado - Something the Dog Said
[CO-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[CO-Sen]: Bob Schaffer (R) vs. Mark Udall (D)
[CO-House] with focus on:

  • [CO-04]: Marilyn Musgrave (R-i) vs. Betsy Markey (D)

[CT-House] with focus on:

  • [CT-04]: Christopher Shays (R-i) vs. Jim Himes (D)
  • [CT-05]: Christopher Murphy (D-i) vs. David Cappiello (R)

[DE-Gov]: Jack Markell (D) vs. Bill Lee (R)

Florida - Fairy Tale
[FL-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[FL-House] with focus on:

  • [FL-08]: Ric Keller (R-i) vs. Alan Grayson (D)
  • [FL-13]: Vern Buchanan (R-i) vs. Christine Jennings (D)
  • [FL-16]: Tim Mahoney (D-i) vs. Tom Rooney (R)
  • [FL-18]: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-i) vs. Annette Taddeo (D)
  • [FL-21]: Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-i) vs. Raul Martinez (D)
  • [FL-24]: Tom Feeney (R-i) vs. Suzanne Kosmas (D)
  • [FL-25]: Mario Diaz-Balart (R-i) vs. Joe Garcia (D)

Georgia - teresahill
[GA-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[GA-Sen]: Saxby Chambliss (R-i) vs. Jim Martin (D) vs. Allen Buckley (L)
[GA-House] with focus on:

  • [GA-08]: Jim Marshall (D-i) vs. Rick Goddard (R)
  • [GA-12]: John Barrow (D-i) vs. John Stone II (R)

  • [GA-01]: Jack Kingston (R-i) vs. Bill Gillespie (D) - jayskew
  • [GA-02]: Sanford Bishop (D-i) vs. Lee Ferrell (R) - jayskew

[IA-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[IA-House] with focus on:

  • [IA-04]: Tom Latham (R-i) vs. Becky Greenwald (D)

[ID-Sen]: Jim Risch (R) vs. Larry LaRocco (D)
[ID-House] with focus on:

  • [ID-01]: Bill Sali (R-i) vs. Walter Minnick (D)

Illinois - dmsilev
[IL-House] with focus on:

  • [IL-06]: Peter Roskam (R-i) vs. Jill Morgenthaler (D)
  • [IL-08]: Melissa Bean (D-i) vs. Steve Greenberg (R)
  • [IL-10]: Mark Kirk (R-i) vs. Daniel Seals (D)
  • [IL-11]: Marty Ozinga (R) vs. Debbie Halvorson (D)
  • [IL-14]: Bill Foster (D-i) vs. Jim Oberweis (R)

[IN-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D) - CityLightsLover
[IN-Gov]: Mitch Daniels (R-i) vs. Jill Long Thompson (D) vs. Andy Horning (L) - CityLightsLover
[IN-House] with focus on: - Alexandra Lynch

  • [IN-03]: Mark Souder (R-i) vs. Michael Montagano (D)
  • [IN-06]: Mike Pence (R-i) vs. Barry Welsh (D)
  • [IN-09]: Baron Hill (D-i) vs. Michael Sodrel (R)

[KS-House] with focus on:

  • [KS-02]: Nancy Boyda (D-i) vs. Lynn Jenkins (R)
  • [KS-03]: Dennis Moore (D-i) vs. Nick Jordan (R)

Kentucky - Hill Jill
[KY-Sen]: Mitch McConnell (R-i) vs. Bruce Lunsford (D)
[KY-House] with focus on:

  • [KY-02]: Brett Guthrie (R) vs. David Boswell (D)
  • [KY-03]: John Yarmuth (D-i) vs. Anne Northup (R)

[LA-Sen]: Mary Landrieu (D-i) vs. John N. Kennedy (R)
[LA-House] with focus on:

  • [LA-04 (D)]: Willie Banks (D) vs. Paul Carmouche (D)
  • [LA-04 (R)]: Chris Gorman (R) vs. John Fleming (R)
  • [LA-06]: Don Cazayoux (D-i) vs. Bill Cassidy (R)

Maine - Phoebe1st
[ME-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[ME-Sen]: Susan Collins (R-i) vs. Tom Allen (D)
[ME-House] with focus on:

  • [ME-01]: Rochelle Pingree (D) vs. Charlie Summers (R)

[MD-House] with focus on:

  • [MD-01]: Andrew P. Harris (R) vs. Frank Kratovil (D)

[MI-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[MI-House] with focus on:

  • [MI-07]: Tim Walberg (R-i) vs. Mark Schauer (D)
  • [MI-09]: Joseph Knollenberg (R-i) vs. Gary C. Peters (D)

[MN-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[MN-Sen]: Norm Coleman (R-i) vs. Al Franken (DFL) vs. Dean Barkley (IP)
[MN-House] with focus on: - Lashe

  • [MN-01]: Tim Walz (DFL-i) vs. Brian Davis (R)
  • [MN-02]: John Kline (R-i) vs. Steve Sarvi (DFL)
  • [MN-03]: Eric Paulsen (R) vs. Ashwin Madia (DFL)
  • [MN-06]: Michele Bachmann (R-i) vs. Elwyn Tinklenberg (DFL)

Missouri - Glic
[MO-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[MO-Gov]: Kenny Hulshof (R) vs. Jay Nixon (D)
[MO-SOS]: Robin Carnahan (D-i) vs. Mitchell Hubbard (R)
[MO-House] with focus on:

  • [MO-06]: Sam Graves (R-i) vs. Kay Barnes (D)
  • [MO-09]: Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) vs. Judy Baker (D)

[MS-Sen (B)]: Roger Wicker (R-i) vs. Ronnie Musgrove (D)
[MS-House] with focus on:

  • [MS-01]: Travis Childers (D-i) vs. Greg Davis (R)

[MT-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[MT-SOS]: Brad Johnson (R-i) vs. Linda H. McCulloch (D)

North Carolina - bear83
[NC-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[NC-Gov]: Beverly Perdue (D) vs. Pat McCrory (R) vs. Michael Munger (L)
[NC-Sen]: Elizabeth Dole (R-i) vs. Kay R. Hagan (D) vs. Chris Cole (L)
[NC-House] with focus on:

  • [NC-08]: Robin Hayes (R-i) vs. Larry Kissell (D)
  • [NC-10]: Patrick McHenry (R-i) vs. Daniel Johnson (D)

North Dakota
[ND-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)

[NE-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[NE-Sen]: Mike Johanns (R) vs. Scott Kleeb (D)
[NE-House] with focus on:

  • [NE-02]: Lee Terry (R-i) vs. Jim Esch (D)

New Hampshire
[NH-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[NH-Sen]: John Sununu (R-i) vs. Jeanne Shaheen (D)
[NH-House] with focus on:

  • [NH-01]: Carol Shea-Porter (D-i) vs. Jeb Bradley (R)
  • [NH-02]: Paul Hodes (D-i) vs. Jennifer Horn (R)

New Jersey
[NJ-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[NJ-Sen]: Frank Lautenberg (D-i) vs. Dick Zimmer (R)
[NJ-House] with focus on:

  • [NJ-03]: Chris Myers (R) vs. John Adler (D)
  • [NJ-05]: Scott Garrett (R-i) vs. Dennis Shulman (D)
  • [NJ-07]: Leonard Lance (R) vs. Linda Stender (D)

New Mexico
[NM-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[NM-Sen]: Steve Pearce (R) vs. Tom Udall (D)
[NM-House] with focus on:

  • [NM-01]: Darren White (R) vs. Martin Heinrich (D)
  • [NM-02]: Ed Tinsley (R) vs. Harry Teague (D)

Nevada - Nathaniel Ament Stone
[NV-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[NV-House] with focus on:

  • [NV-02]: Dean Heller (R-i) vs. Jill Derby (D)
  • [NV-03]: Jon Porter (R-i) vs. Dina Titus (D)

New York - Word Alchemy
[NY-House] with focus on:

  • [NY-13]: Bob Straniere (R) vs. Mike McMahon (D)
  • [NY-20]: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-i) vs. Alexander Treadwell (R)
  • [NY-24]: Michael Arcuri (D-i) vs. Richard L. Hanna (R)
  • [NY-25]: Dale Sweetland (R) vs. Dan Maffei (D)
  • [NY-26]: Chris Lee (R) vs. Alice Kryzan (D)
  • [NY-29]: Randy Kuhl (R-i) vs. Eric Massa (D)

Ohio - Dr Gonzo
[OH-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[OH-House] with focus on:

  • [OH-01]: Steve Chabot (R-i) vs. Steven L. Driehaus (D)
  • [OH-02]: Jean Schmidt (R-i) vs. Victoria Wulsin (D)
  • [OH-07]: Steve Austria (R) vs. Sharen Neuhardt (D)
  • [OH-15]: Steve Stivers (R) vs. Mary Jo Kilroy (D)
  • [OH-16]: J. Kirk Schuring  (R) vs. John Boccieri (D)
  • [OH-18]: Zack Space (D-i) vs. Fred Dailey (R)

Oklahoma - Obe One
[OK-Sen]: James Inhofe (R-i) vs. Andrew Rice (D) vs. Stephen Wallace (I)

[OR-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[OR-Sen]: Gordon Smith (R-i) vs. Jeff Merkley (D) vs. David Brownlow (C)
[OR-SOS]: Kate Brown (D) vs. Rick Dancer (R)
[OR-House] with focus on:

  • [OR-05]: Kurt Schrader (D) vs. Mike Erickson (R)

[PA-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D) - OhHai
[PA-House] with focus on:

  • [PA-03]: Phil English (R-i) vs. Kathleen Dahlkemper (D) - OhHai
  • [PA-04]: Jason Altmire (D-i) vs. Melissa Hart (R) - OhHai
  • [PA-06]: Jim Gerlach (R-i) vs. Bob Roggio (D)
  • [PA-08]: Patrick Murphy (D-i) vs. Thomas Manion (R)
  • [PA-10]: Christopher Carney (D-i) vs. Chris Hackett (R)
  • [PA-11]: Paul Kanjorski (D-i) vs. Lou Barletta (R)
  • [PA-15]: Charlie Dent (R-i) vs. Siobhan Bennett (D)

South Carolina - teresahill
[SC-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[SC-Sen]: Lindsey Graham (R-i) vs. Bob Conley (D)

South Dakota
[SD-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[SD-Sen]: Tim Johnson (D-i) vs. Joel D. Dykstra (R)

Tennessee - amanuensis
[TN-House] with focus on:

  • [TN-04]: Lincoln Davis (D-i) vs. Monty Lankford (R)

Texas - The Red Pen
[TX-Sen]: John Cornyn (R-i) vs. Rick Noriega (D)
[TX-House] with focus on:

  • [TX-07]: John Culberson (R-i) vs. Michael Skelly (D)
  • [TX-10]: Michael McCaul (R-i) vs. Larry Joe Doherty (D)
  • [TX-22]: Nick Lampson (D-i) vs. Pete Olson (R)
  • [TX-23]: Ciro Rodriguez (D-i) vs. Lyle T. Larson (R)

[VT-Gov]: Jim Douglas (R-i) vs. Gaye Symington (D) vs. Anthony Pollina (P)

Virginia - skyfox
[VA-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[VA-Sen]: Jim Gilmore (R) vs. Mark Warner (D)
[VA-House] with focus on:

  • [VA-02]: Thelma Drake (R-i) vs. Glenn Nye (D)
  • [VA-05]: Virgil Goode (R-i) vs. Tom Perriello (D)
  • [VA-11]: Keith Fimian (R) vs. Gerry Connolly (D)

Washington - sarahnity
[WA-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[WA-Gov]: Christine Gregoire (D-i) vs. Dino Rossi (R)
[WA-House] with focus on:

  • [WA-08]: Dave Reichert (R-i) vs. Darcy Burner (D)

Wisconsin - Miss Blue
[WI-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[WI-House] with focus on:

  • [WI-08]: Steve Kagen (D-i) vs. John Gard (R)

West Virginia
[WV-Pres]: John McCain (R) vs. Barack Obama (D)
[WV-SOS]: Charles Theophilus Minimah (R) vs. Natalie Tennant (D)
[WV-House] with focus on:

  • [WV-02]: Shelley Moore Capito (R-i) vs. Anne Barth (D)

[WY-AL]: Barbara Cubin (R-i) vs. Gary Trauner (D)

Note: If you have any races or propositions you'd like to add, let me know.  Also, some of these races - especially house races - there may be viable 3rd party candidates that I don't know about.

Stand-bys, Admins
I'm also looking for people who may be available as standbys in case either a) someone doesn't show up with their live blog or b) someone's blog is overrun with comments and we need a 2nd blog of that race.

Blog stand-bys:
SallyCat, the dogs sockpuppet, sardonyx (late races)
Sidof79, lineatus, bendygirl
maylingblu (OH), sable (WA)

Spreadsheet stand-bys (if needed):
NY brit expat (early races)
sardonyx (late races)

Spreadsheet duty:
dmsilev, sarahnity


Of course, if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, corrections, etc., feel free to post them.

Spreadsheet Testing

If you want to see what the spreadsheet will (probably) look like, see here:

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