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So we all know how McCain's people have been working hard to discredit ACORN and their practice of paying people to register voters. These stories have circulated wildly in the blogosphere as well as via the MSM.

Here's a revealing video of an interview at a McCain campaign field office in Orlando, Florida, conducted by Sam Mayfield of the Center for Media and Democracy. My favorite moment is at about 3:15 when she is talking with a paid "volunteer" who laughs at the idea that he is paid (even he knows it's ridiculous) and seems reluctant to say yes he is "with the campaign".  It doesn't seem like he is reluctant because of any nondisclosure agreement but more because he is not really "with" them if you know what I mean. Later at 4:11, a campaign staffer interrupts the interview and starts cussing her out and calls the police to arrest her.

The above video was posted a couple of days ago on which has the best tagline I've seen lately "Will Journalism Be Done By You Or To You?"

(I did a search before posting. If someone else has already covered it, let me know. I'll be happy to remove).

Now for a little palate cleansing.... you can also check out a contrasting video by Mayfield, interviewing Obama supporters a few days before also in Orlando.


UPDATE: Turns out Saturday BZ11 diaried about this incident but it fell off the list before getting wide attention. Hat tip to paintboy for pointing this out.

Originally posted to lorisir on Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 05:42 AM PDT.

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