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That's it. I'm over it...I'm done. All that hard work down the fucking drain. I can't take it anymore. 72 hours of disappointment after disappointment, and it's only going to get worse.

First there was the victory celebration in Grant Park, where Obama didn't single me out and thank me personally for all of my hard work; all of the hours I put in making calls and knocking on doors, and writing letters to editors, and, most importantly, all of my blogging. Where the fuck does he get off?!?

Then I find out that barely five seconds after he became the President Elect, he did exactly what they said he was going to do: meet with terrorists without pre-conditions! They even said so on the TeeVee, yup yup, he's going to sit down with George W. Bush!

And then, he said he'd name Rahmmy as his COS! Fucker! That was supposed to be my gig! I earned it! But nooooo! After campaigning to return America to the way it operated, at least fiscally, under Clinton, he went and chose someone from the Clinton White House! Bastard! Where's the Change?

David Axelrod as his adviser! Pffffft! All that guy did was run the tightest ship in politics! Robert Gibbs as Press Secretary...ya know what? Fuck that four-eyed Opie! All he did was own Hannity's ass on Fixed News and be a constant voice of reason in the sea of madness that was the 2008 Election season.


I'm at the end of my damn rope. All this talk about open government, and we'll have a place, and our voice will count...and all he does is build a damn website where we can do just that! Where's the email with the private number to the Oval Office? Where's the personal invitation to the Correspondent's Dinner? After all, I spent months and months forcing my opinion on the blogosphere...that's corresponding if ya ask me.

So that's it. I quit. I tender my resigfuckingnation immediately. If Barack Obama can't force Harry Reid to publicly flog Joe LIEberman with a spiked rubber chicken, what's the point? I mean, the troops aren't even back yet! Unicorns haven't returned to Earth! The stock market isn't above 15,000!

Yup. FTW, I'm out.

Originally posted to Relevant Rhino on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 10:55 AM PST.

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