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I came here in brust of optimism. I thought, I had experiences and perspective that might be valuable. I know now that they don't. My gramtical errors were entertaining. I am sorry, that I insulted you and that  my diaries were a waste. I did not admittedly edit as I was in a hurry.

An interesting comment was made about how I was not paying attention in Junior High School english class. The reservation where the school was did not have much for infrastucture or funding. Us kids there had to live in community where the average income was about $7,000 per year. Statistics showed that Alcoholism rate was about 43%. We also had lots of blood feuds going on. So why stay you say and why not leave? because if we went into town we had to go in groups that were armed. If you went alone occasionaly some drunken rednecks would kick the crap out of you. So we were a bit distracked. (Opps, sorry I misused your precious langauge again.)

Later my family moved to Southeastern Minnesota. We were great novelity to the denizens there. It was there that I received help with my dyslexia.

It is afterall, your language and being of less eduridte birth, I don't quite have the connection that you of the righteous and the holy do. You see both my father and grandfather had to learn the scared english tongue in boarding schools. If they tired to speak in Ojibwe they were beaten. My grandpa still had scars on his back when he died. So for some reason, I don't quite have the connection that of course I should.

Let me show you what an awful language my ancestors had. In english you describe woman who is advanced in years as an "Old Woman". The "old" does not seem to be a respectable term. They way I see it it seems, to imply that someone who is old has been around to much, should get out of the way and have nothing to offer. Stick them in the nursing home to be out of the way ;hurry up and die.

My ancestors langauge is similar to German in that they take existing words and create new ones. For example, the german word for Guinea Pig is meerschweinchen. Literally, little ocean pig. Meer=Ocean, Schwein=pig, chen=small. Now returning to the linguist concept of old woman. The Ojibwe word is mindee-moo-way. Literally, it is "the one who holds things together". What a horrible way to look at a grandmother. I am so glad that I have the english langauge to set me right.

I am frightfully sorry, I am wasting space on irrelevant points. That you have shown that me that I don't belong here. I have fought many of the fights, Enviromental Justice, housing, anti-war I, gulf, in and out of the Democratic parties, sometimes with the Greens, A.I.M., police brutality and the like. I was foolish to think that life deeds might be meaningful. This definately, an savage concept. No, I should know by now that words are far more important than deeds. I should have known this, I remember my great uncle's story of what it was like to be decorated Army vet, in uniform, medals and all and be refused service in a bar because of his Red Skin. (Hey Redskins aren't they in Washington?)

You have shown me the highest from of respect by being honest with me. (Honesty is the highest form of respect! Good God we Indians have crazy notions!) One of you shared your pet peeve with me. I will now return the favor and share my pet peeve with you.

Here it is. My pet peeve is people who only talk and never back up their talk. You probably noticed that I am a rare indian and talk too much. (In horrid grammar of course.) If you have ever noticed us, which asking a lot, you might notice that we are quiet people. The reason for that is we have this insane notion that words are scared and should not make promises with your mouth that your ass can't keep. So please correct this.

Let me bore you with another story for my life. Back in the election of 05, I was driving into a place in Minneapolis called Spaghetti junction. It where several main streets come together. Right Across from the Walker Art Center. In this area is a median strip. I saw a couple people standing there with signs;. One was a woman in her late 20's maybe early 30's. She was holding up a sign for the re-elction of the mayor. About the brightest blue most liberal politican in the state. Next to her was standing a homeless guy with one of those famous cardboard signs. Her boyfriend arrived, I could see that they were uncomfortable with him there. It looked like they had some snarky thing to say about him. It was there that I had an epiphany about many on the left. You really, only care about people as an abstract concept. Someone should do something. Lets From a committee and have a photo op! Yippee. Many of only care as abstraction when push comes to shove and action is needed, it ain't going to come from you. Nope not at all.

Ma-takawa-alle-esine. My woman and partner is Lakota. (That's Sioux to you.) Her people use this phrase to conclude cermonies. Roughly equal to amen. It literally, means all my relations. That is the way we look at the world. Let me explain. Maybe we should return to the preceptions of that homeless guy. A conservative would look upon him with hatred and fear. Most of you liberals would maybe have some compassion and want to help but, you would be operating froma position of superiority and want your asses kissed. I am so maginimous that I can help this bum. Me I say that that man is my brother. The single mother is my sister, those children that die in Iraq are my children. Yes, even George W. Bush is my brother. (Hey you can't pick your relatives). When they suffer, I suffer.

Okay the last word, you have looked only at my lack of grammar and did not try read or understand what I was trying to say. If your minds operate at such a superfical level then I truly feel compassion for you. You cut off from many people. I have heard it costs a fortune to keep an ivory tower heated in the winter. Your experience will be limited and you probaly have and will be cut off from the whole experience of life. I feel no hatred, I only realize that blogging is a waste of time. Back to work.

I hope you have a great Thanksgivng, (By the way we call that "There goes the neighborhood day around our house".)

PS: I will ignore all emails. I am gone. Have a nice time.

Originally posted to wartoad on Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 01:50 AM PST.

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