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It's been a week since we woke up to a new day of hope in America.

I think that a lot of people are excited to ignore the wignuts now.  They've been smacked down, so why do they matter?  Basically, I agree, but there's really no better time than now, in the afterglow of this historic election, to drag them into the blinding daylight and repeatedly humiliate them until they shut themselves up.

Or, maybe we can all just point and laugh, one more time.

Tammy Bruce, Fox News
Even though the polls show an Obama win, we all really hate him.  Oh, and the polls show a "dead heat" because 5 points ahead is a "dead heat."

After two years and spending almost half-a billion dollars through the primary and general election seasons, Obama still has not convinced the American people, and if they haven’t been swayed yet they’re never going to be. The latest Investor’s Business Daily and Battleground state polls, both the most respected and accurate, have this race in a dead-heat. Undecideds are staying steady at about 8-10 percent, almost double where they were this time last year, and the super-majority of them will vote for McCain.

Andrew Roman, Townhall
I met someone in New York City, of all places, who wasn't sure about Obama, so I'm pretty sure the media is entirely inventing the idea that people support him.

I am convinced – and have been for some time – that John McCain will be the next President of the United States. I have more faith in Osama Bin Ladin wearing an American flag lapel pin than I do in most of these all-over-the-place, self-aggrandizing presidential polls. And since the ever-objective media continually pepper the public with talks of a possible McCain victory in terms of it being an "upset" or a "miracle comeback" or an "unprecedented turnaround" based solely on these counterfeit poll numbers, it is often more prudent (if not more interesting) to rely on anecdotal indicators.

I don't buy what they're peddling.

I fully expect John McCain to defeat Barack Obama tomorrow.

Josh Painter, RedState
After eight years of Bush, how could there possibly be more Democrats than Republicans?

Also, most polls are not presenting a true snapshot of the voting intentions of the electorate. They oversample Democrats, which exaggerates Obama's numbers and underestimates McCain's. The degree of oversampling can range from just a few percentage points to as many as fifteen. So the poll results will vary. Adjust accordingly. You may find that in that poll which shows Obama in the lead, McCain could actually be out front.

Boiling Pots, Free Republic
Based on the KY results — with 49 states left to go — this Freeper called the election for McCain.

Bob Krumm

Here is my prediction. Wednesday morning you can grade me on how well I did.

Perhaps I should email this guy with his score.  One prediction:

Ohio: Like Missouri, the Buckeye State almost always goes with the winner. It will again this time. Turnout in Butler, Clermont, and Warren Counties will overwhelm new registrations in the state’s urban areas—an unexpectedly high number of whom don’t show up to vote because ACORN simply made up names in Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Montgomery Counties. Every county east of Cincinnati and South of I-70 except for Athens goes for McCain–many by a margin of three or four to one.  Keep your eyes on Mahoning County. Bush got only 37% there four years ago. If McCain clears that mark by five points or more it’s a signal that Ohioan Joe Wurzelbacher helped McCain make inroads with labor voters nationwide. That level of support in Youngstown indicates a McCain win in nearby Pennsylvania too. McCain takes Ohio by 50,000 votes. Clinton supporter Governor Ted Strickland is caught smiling during a phone call with Bill when he didn’t know he was on camera. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s head explodes because she realizes that without Obama in office to shield her, a federal investigation of ACORN is going to incriminate her.

McCain took 36% of the vote in Mahoning county, 1% worse than Bush in 2004.  Krumm forgot to say what it tells us about Joe the Plumber if McCain underperforms Bush.  McCain lost by over 200,000 votes in Ohio.

jveritas, Free Republic
Look, we're all anonymous here, so why don't why just come out and have an unfettered, racist look at the election?

I strongly believe that these freepers simply are not comfortable talking about race even if they know the truth about it as in the case of the Powell endorsement and even when using a screen name on an internet forum that will make them totally anonymous. Based on this I am now strongly convinced that the Bradley effect is very real and it is certainly manifesting itself in the media polls but the media is totally ignoring it.

jveritas did a lot of election predicting
No one noticed that economic meltdown!  People are still obsessing on Jeremiah Wright, like they should!

The fundamentals of this race have not really changed despite all the massive events that occurred in the last two months including the collapse of Wall Street and the credit market. At the end when the American people go to the voting booth they are going to ask themselves do we trust Barack Obama to be President? Do we want a socialist and a defeatist to be President? Do we want Jeremiah Wright apprentice to be President? Do we want someone with such a shady background and radical connections to be President?

The majority of voters will answer no to the above questions and Obama will lose the elections.

Vox Day, Vox Populi Blog

I haven't checked the Savant's math, but he's a competent guy and assuming that he added the states up correctly, it looks as if McCain will not only win, but will win by a larger margin in the electoral college than George W. Bush did. Also note that during the primary voting, Obama's exit polling was overestimated by SEVEN percent on average.

Next time, check the Savant's math.

Doc Savage, Free Republic commenter
Not all the wingnuts predicted victory.  I'll close with one Freeper who described the coalition he expected to beat McCain:

  1. Illegal aliens.
  1. Voting Fraud.
  1. Blacks.
  1. College Morons.
  1. Muslims.
  1. Legal Hispanics.
  1. Mainstream DemonRats.
  1. Homos.
  1. Environmentalist Wackos.
  1. Jews.

Hate to say it but brother, they's gots us outnumbered!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot this gem.

New Hampshire will be called for McCain about 1½ hours after the polls close there. The political geniuses will note the anomaly but minimize its significance. The Obama campaign, however, will experience a sense of discomfort.

One hour later the networks will call North Carolina for McCain. With fifteen electoral votes and a large African American population, it was targeted by Democrats this year as the one state in which they could feasibly make inroads into the South.

Sorry. No sale.

"That's ok", they'll console themselves. "Virginia will turn blue".

A half-hour later they'll be proved wrong again. The northern Virginia population increase of high-tech and government workers won't offset the military, retired military, and voters from other parts of the state who aren't buying Obama's shtick.

Read the whole thing.  In fact, print it out, frame it to cherish for generations.

UPDATE 2: Thanks for the rec's.  Of course, if this had been on the rec list 8 days ago, it might have saved us from a lot of disappointment when Obama inevitably lost.

Originally posted to The Red Pen on Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 06:22 AM PST.


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