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110094523341206650410.99Let me Re-Introduce Myself. I am David Paterson and I am the Governor of New York State. UPDATEDGovernor David A Paterson16:27
29196683531138505210.13Our Congress is "Surprised".  Surprised???Granny Doc07:48
366544518478883097.22The Obama "riot" at Arkansas State University, updatedWayBeyondSoccerMom14:36
460143819174667756.63IOKIYAR: Talk Radio Secrets Revealed by Insiderworried sick12:45
547125512456074795.12MN-Sen Recount: Update v. 1.1WineRev08:41
645041623063597375.21Thomas Friedman Resigns!cruz12:50
738954922855731204.53How We Can Fix the Economybonddad08:42
83831499544556594.13Just In: Norm Coleman Loses Another Round In Court..UPDATED.. It Gets Worse For Norm!StuHunter19:36
937746017647730154.19Paulson can't buy toxic mortgages, b/c they don't existstephdray20:24
1032750420847628363.83Obama Inherits Disaster (Detroit's Epic Fail)(upd 2x)Stranded Wind00:55
1128724812137121163.21The Fight Goes OnGavin Newsom15:19
1226320410232817872.91Major EPA decision: no coal plants to be built in foreseeable future!Jerome a Paris17:02
132491888628622552.68Morning Reaction™ ObamalocomotionTheghostofkarlafayetucker04:06
142032126423314272.18Card Check is More Democratic than NLRB ElectionsNathanNewman10:58
151883407221513012.02Santa Barbara Firemarksb22:53
1618345719033219602.38South Carolina Priest: No Communion for youBFSkinner21:01
1777203821379100.99Psst, Sarah: keep your panties onoccams hatchet19:53
18634326701760.67My Journey With the Obama Campaign (Part I, August)Femlaw18:42
1962229931336130.89Top Comments: What's your favorite new tv show?Elise22:16
2062181781228970.84Children in heavily Mormon county chant "assassinate Obama"yorlik700:53
216138316020211621.18Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State? UPDATED X4hungrycoyote20:05
22564731755040.63Obama Team To Conduct Sweep of White House, Govt. Agencieswonkymuse00:06
23563014632460.60Huge Legal Ruling Blocks All US Coal DevelopmentWattHead17:01
24555131701230.61Unions Made Detroit and America--They Shouldn't Pay For Execs MistakesTasini10:37
26539826631540.58The Future of Food: An Obama USDAOrangeClouds11513:56
27536225705950.60MN-Sen:  Rejection of an 84-yr old stroke victim's absentee ballotJeffersonLives20:00
28523124687980.58Bush's Stunning Valedictory Today: Gift to DemocratsJim Oleske16:35
29517124672170.57Another Food Safety Concern: GM RiceAsinus Asinum Fricat17:56
30513517571420.54Election Data: Military Communities Shift Democratic in 2008Brandon Friedman03:09
31498439757560.59Shoe store receipt dubs customer "Dumb N***er" (updated)Underground in Ohio10:20
324814068943500.65Saudis want anti-blasphemy law?droogie665532113:27
33483815576890.52Sen. Ted Kennedy and Elizabeth Edwards: 'I know you know better'donnasicko12:50
34443317522080.48My visit to Alaska Division of Elections (with pictures)!Celtic Diva02:18
35433923591930.49The Coming Electoral Transformationcskendrick14:10
3642470901165670.71Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would be a DANGEROUS head of the EPAMangala14:25
37429234603380.49The Lying Eyes of Evan BayhMy Philosophy01:49
38415835654620.50Of Course Obama Forgave Lieberman: he blogged it here in 2005mhanch17:08
39412920513580.45Mayor Daley Preparing Chicago for Massive Layoffsbink18:35
40404829541910.45Joe's Inn: Meeting "Mr. Dangerous".Patch Adam03:59
413917338642030.48Your Political Rights at Work (Prop 8 Boycotts)Adam B16:26
42395220421050.41Overnight News DigestScottyUrb00:33
433812354764070.52Gay protests are "Kristallnacht?!" WTF?Clarknt6712:49
44376224533160.43Jewish Americans, are you contributing to the deterioration of Israel? Speak out!gratefulmama3x16:44
45376125574030.44First Photo of True Extrasolar Planet, 30 light years awayPaert21:23
463519252796470.52Salt Lake Weekly Fires Dan Savage for Utah Boycottstef12:45
473515851622280.45Thursday Pootie Open Threadwebranding17:02
48352921494080.40In Georgia, McCain Saves The Worst For LastMaxMarginal20:28
493431759804880.51I cancelled my Marriott reservation today over Prop 8 -- Boycott Marriott!Buster CT1K14:55
503415350714090.48I want this car, and I want it now!feduphoosier11:17
51338725481590.39Palling around with MormonsEllinorianne21:17
52337529531930.40Why Prop 8 Can – and Must – Be OverruledPaul Hogarth11:55
53336423441320.37Health Series:  Fetal Alcohol Syndromeramara20:17
54335522462580.38President Elect Perplexes Pack of Puckered PersiansJeff Huber08:15
55334527453050.38The Image Of MichelleThe Black Critic09:37
5633281437740.35Hey Hey, SCOTUS J, How Many Whales Did You Kill Today?bob zimway11:46
57327555834820.52REID AND PELOSI MUST GO!  THROW THESE LOSERS OUTthedaybeforeyesterday17:30
58323327513920.39Begich Lead Up Over 800 Votes!GayIthacan00:26
59322213411500.3618 veterans will commit suicide today.cheftdp11:01
6031129668813250.53Rick Perry shuts down Palin press conferencemperkins14:07
61316333545220.39The Democratic Party hates its own BaseFreeSociety18:52
62304933512790.38We have ONE SHOT left to avoid economic disasterNBBooks11:05
63296331473000.36The Jehovah Witnesses Visit my Guys Group Homeidahospud4411:12
64287833503760.36Breaking:  Obama Announces NothingNCrissieB10:28
65285142645780.42Bush Must REALLY Want that Colombia Deal; The GOP Just Push-Polled MeDanK Is Back18:18
66282815371420.32Obama to Investigate Bush Torture Policysrkp2310:55
6728221330970.30High Impact Diaries: November 12, 2008jotter10:02
682713757745430.45Obama resigns.Nuisance Industry15:17
69279434543120.37I was on the news today and I am a Humanist (apparently)Casual Wednesday01:06
70278139573040.38Catholic Church cuts off ACORN funding. Gee, I wonder why?boofdah09:10
71267248653190.41Caribou Barbie Thinks we owe Bush our Thanks...Vyan12:14
72252381181255240.69Square foot diary, how big is your home?Rey Mota14:18
73257223401710.31Cinemark/Century Theaters CEO Anti-Gay Donorhomogenius14:05
74255029547110.36San Diego's Newspaper warns of Obama couparodb17:07
7525159301140.27Bush's parting gift to industrial livestock producersdesmoinesdem00:23
76245643639420.39Stevens is Toast.carver18:36
77244814301220.27Gov't Bailing Out Companies with Consumer DebtTomP10:26
782413929650.26I'm a Petro-holicA Siegel23:21
79236427443860.31Spat upon by HippiesNearlyNormal13:44
80232719362550.28New Jersey Loses A Good OneHardhat Democrat07:54
81232214311370.26UPDATE! With Link FireDogLake: On Line Petition - Strip Lieberman !tristan5707:38
8223171528740.25Bipartisanship=Amnesty For War Crimesdday17:16
83221711291080.25Calling for Election Reform: Universal Registration and Early Voting Take Lead in Voting Rights DiscProject Vote18:55
84221514342420.26Feingold: Obama Hire New Intel Leadership!The Bohemian Rebel18:04
8522159271110.24Please, Please, Please, Protest the H8!wclathe16:08
8622126251080.24A Call for action by the NEW Veterans Affairs Secretarytestvet677814:52
87218034475170.31A New Liberal Will Soon Be Joining Our Ranks!sidious66621:58
88208726371620.26We Don't Need a Fairness Doctrinepotatohead15:04
89203322342700.25The Connecticut for Lieberman Party on Fox NewsSprinkles07:22
9020271024650.22Saving the Holy LandUrtica dioica gracilis07:30
9120151121590.21Howard Dean can truly stand up and say, "Mission Accomplished"Reading on Walden Bookstore05:37
9220104221230.21Obama Space - Keep The Global Warming Denier Out Of NASAFerrisValyn22:24
931924668803660.45Stop the Mormon Bashing!Stiffa02:43
941920060724210.41Sorry Mayor Newsom but you're hardly blamelessMrBurns1720:36
951911945532440.32A Mormon speaks about Prop 8FTV0821:43
961999242180.21The perfect anti-Saxby Chambliss ad - hit him where it hurtsGreekGirl00:22
97186127423140.27It's A Boycott Stupid!Steamboater14:32
98182721354430.24AK-Sen: Not baked yetNathaniel Ament Stone10:39
99181917344610.24VP-Elect Joe Biden names chief of staffErin1309:07
1001715144542380.32Ban Marriagecloudwatcher18:41
101175137483270.29Playing the Sarah Palin Word GameOpuntia15:44
10217201526960.20(Updated x2) Full Videos of Obama's Most Notable Speeches & Celebrations with PollHercegovac14:32
10317119211330.19Smurf This Poll! I Need Your Help.TexasDemocrat0623:19
1041733191140.18The Strongest Voice for Martin in Georgiadangeo14:16
105169828361440.24Prop 8: In America, on November 4th, They Came for the GaysWalldog22:37
106168846552940.32EDITORIAL: Catholic Bishops Overreaching With Demands on Obama Over AbortionSkeeterVT05:34
107167134444380.27GA-SEN:  94% of Republicans Say They'll Vote In Run-OffAndre in Atlanta05:34
108165729403180.25GOP Golden Girl Palin, A Goose EggDetroit Mark10:06
10916271222810.18Silly rightwing arguments on healthcareChico David RN23:32
110161911211030.18A Lieberman Key Advisor's Longstanding Ties to the GOPRandian16:00
111153117293320.20That felt GOOD.  Let's watch it again!FightingRegistrar12:23
1121420585954070.51HILLARY clinton, yes as sec of statenorthsidekhan22:53
113149216282380.19Chicago cops accused of hate crimes on Nov. 4 (with video)Interceptor723:13
114142823364210.22On Lieberman, Obama Plays Cards Perfectly (Eye on Middle East)StanMO14:58
115134729361790.22Energy Conservation Tips for the Bathroom / Hot Water - Please Share Yourschloris creator06:30
116125534423630.24Top trend forcaster predicts revolution due to bailoutYo yo yo07:54
117124424291670.18Tennessee: 2/3 of voters identify themselves as EvangelicalBenintn16:41
1181127690943240.50Rolling Stone Top 100 Singers Evah!frankzappatista02:16
119118022301110.18Should Congress censure Bush/Cheney? Poll, discuss, actDavid Boyle15:26
120116740443540.25Hey Markos, how about a contest update?Goober Pea17:12
121114030372090.22Why is Joe Lieberman so Powerful?askeptic15:26
1221019838402820.23The DAILY SHOwithCOLBERT REPORT  Spoiler thread 11.13.08TiaRachel22:55
1231014243502790.27Thanks to ANSWER, you can protest at the inaugurationelishastephens22:22
1241013865746210.39Sasha and Malia Shouldn't Be on Hannah MontanaBarack Marley12:07
1251011225321330.19Entering bizarro world: Israeli President praises Saudi King.Bob Sackamento10:50
126106232406810.23And you want this guy to take you to 60 in the Senate?Whirlaway19:32
127105926331870.19When do we start destroying the foundations of America?JSCram325423:44
128917937411610.23My BandsTranslator23:26
129912645502790.27The "Why Believe in a God" Ad campaign...Baggyjeans0315:04
13095529362070.20The-Sarah-Palin-Please-Shut-Up PetitionInSanity21:06
13193327363200.20Doesn't Sarah Know She is a Republican?dukelawguy12:40
132817659627870.33Open Live Thread: Is anyone else watching CNN?Muzikal20322:06
133811648564080.30Hillary for SOS? Not here, not now, NOT EVER!electronicmaji22:51
134810035381190.21AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY - TO SAVE OR NOT TO SAVEClearTheMist11:28
135714269748100.39Conflicts of Interest Disqualify Hillary for State Departmentlimper19:09
136712569734230.38Hillary Clinton For Secretary of State?coonsey21:24
13777650544320.29Romney's stock apparently up, according to CNNChristian Dem in NC16:32
13857737414200.22Not a Popular Position HereMatt from Iraq13:47
13955133371840.20Republicans blaming UAW for auto collapseApesauce17:52
14043391631679970.87And that brings this diary to a close. Stay alert out there.. Bush might be tappin ya phonesdang23617:25
141419140421560.22Forget DetroitNew England Liberal Elitist11:00
142419048514120.27Dodd a DISLOYAL DEM working AGAINST the 2012 CT Dem senate nominee!SwiftBoat McCain NOW12:33
143416247493120.26The FAQS Here Fascinate Medeepbottomfisher10:07
14448843461710.24Action Alert: Tell Obama No to $50 Billion for Automakers (Updated)Maxlongstreet10:50
14547952569190.29Was Palin's Africa Gaffe Caught On Tape?Schul03:37
14638641421750.22The filibuster-proof majority (or, Keep Lieberman!)(UPDATED)evenson13:05
14738134351600.18Early 2010 Governor outlookSkaje14:28
14835034352460.18Bush's Pardon Listredlief10:27
149120546473640.24Why Does Susan G Hate Me?hopper301107:41
150111853542450.28Electorate, do you know who you elected?Ben Smits10:15

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15483061516125.85Possible Ballot Petition Fraud in California: Electoral Vote InitiativeVikingkingq16:41
2362125874133.89NEW GOAL! Can we hit 2300 calls before 10am? Feinstein: Three Strikes You're OutCharles Chamberlain15:07
33531881153943.76A Grateful NationBrandon Friedman03:07
43411801113983.69Bush was planning to invade Iraq within 3 weeks of 9-11teacherken22:00
53222341183713.47Impeachment: A Battle Cry for The Peoplebuhdydharma17:18
63174011494213.58O'Reilly loses his nut over Mark Cuban's "Redacted"Vyan04:41
7251213762862.69Lessig Endorses Obama: Why You Should CareAdam B14:58
8244123632752.61No wonder people are confused ...A Siegel01:36
9210127752562.30Could the Democrats cave on THAT, too? (Update #2)chapter108:41
10208229882392.24Edwards: Don't Offshore Our Jobs; Rebuild the Middle ClassTomP12:24

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14783291695615.18Why the Student Loan System in the U.S. should be Investigatedpkbarbiedoll06:03
24742421505735.1870 thousand votes Karl.Scientician14:59
33994351274524.27Congressional Committees Project ... please join us!annan15:05
43693491654594.07Out Now. Best of Bad OptionsMeteor Blades02:47
53545311704413.91War Crimes?  What War Crimes?One Pissed Off Liberal18:45
63234922715163.94The Martinez Disaster: The Falloutthereisnospoon17:37
72897422124323.42Iran:  Why and How Iranians Must Be Attacked - NOT!LondonYank07:36
82602711333482.95Is Jim Webb already striking fear into the hearts of the GOP?phriendlyjaime21:05
92392751002922.62Reporting on Iran, From Inside Iransean paul14:01
102043391322962.39The New Breed: Tester Creates a New Dem NarrativeBig Tent Democrat00:53

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