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It is really no secret why our President-elect lost the south, but we should expose these people on a national level....

From the Murfreesboro Post

Stephen Lewis: Ode to President Obama By: STEPHEN LEWIS, Post Columnist
Posted: Sunday, November 9, 2008 8:10 am

I suppose the biggest news in this race was the race for the White House. Barack Obama is now our new President-elect. It will be interesting to see how quickly Microsoft can fix its Word program not to underline his name as a misspelling every time you type it.

Even so, history has been made as the first black president has been elected. I still don’t get it though. If Obama has a black father and white mother isn’t he every bit as much white as he is black? Was his father blacker than his mother was white? Didn’t Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney sing about this over 20 years ago? "Ebony and Ivory, lives together in perfect harmony." My hope is that eventually both races will be able to celebrate in his accomplishments.

I’m so confident in his success that I wrote a song about it and would like to present it to all Post readers as my "Ode to President Obama." I do apologize to those of you who are under 30 years of age since you probably won’t "get it." However, if you will tune into TV Land you can catch the opening of The Jeffersons and it may make more sense to you. And remember, if this offends you, your man got elected. So really you have the last laugh.

(Sung by Obama to the theme song of "The Jeffersons"):

"Well we’re movin’ on up,
To Washington, D.C.
To a deee-luxe pimp pad,
Painted whiiiite.
Yeah we’re movin’ on up,
To the White House.
I’ll be jetting with P. Diddy cross the sky.

McCain can’t score on the east coast,
Palin was just a cute, cheap thrill.
Took a whole lot of campaign promises,
To take over Capitol Hill.
Now we’re livin’ in the White House
Chewin’ on the government fat.
As long as we here
It’s tax, tax, tax!
Ripping off the rich fat cats!

Well we’re movin’ on up
To the big time.
To a dee-luxe sweet crib
That’s just too fly.
Moooovin’ on up
To D.C.
I finally showed McCain I’m the guy!"

Thank you! I’m here all week. Try the veal.

I find this very upsetting because I lived in this town 21 years ago for two years. I recall one day going into get my haircut at a local salon. There, I overheard the locals glorifying the KKK. They spent the entire time that I was there spewing hatred for Ni#%ers. While they were talking, an Afro-American gentleman brought his young son of about 8 years old into the establishment. They refused to cut his hair and ushered him out the door saying that they were unfamiliar with that kind of haircut. It turned my stomach. That poor kid! I am still sick, years later, that I had not come to his aid but instead watched the whole thing, stunned and horrified.

Everyday, you would hear the "N" word from somewhere. You would think these people would find something else to discuss. But,in fact, they would spend a great majority of their days spewing their hatred of the "coloreds". I left that city feeling like a dehumanized Caucasion after hearing this type of rhetoric on almost a daily basis. I've never been happier to get out of a city, let me tell ya!

The city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee is 77 miles from the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan back in 1865. I am very sad to see that not much has changed there.

Here is the link to the article:

You will note that there is now an editor's note of apology for the remark.

This community has been notably progressive and open-minded in dealing with racial and diversity issues since the early days of the Civil Rights movement, but that unfortunately is not the perception as a result of Sunday’s column.

We regret that portions of the column proved offensive to so many, but even more so that it has drawn an inaccurate assessment of this community, its people and even its "Red" voters.

Now, I don't know this editor personally, but to describe a community like this one as "notably progressive and open minded" is bordering on a flat out lie. Oops, maybe he just "misspoke". Further, the editor is going very soft on the author of this trash. You will also notice that it is only "offensive to so many"  and are left to correctly presume "but not offensive to others".

It is my sincere hope that the Kos community will flood this newspaper with their outrage over this material. Stephen Lewis should be exposed on a national level and ostracized, this publication should be held accountable, and the entire, damn racist town should feel that, for once and for all, their hatred will no longer be tolerated.

Originally posted to Kelley4Obama on Sat Nov 15, 2008 at 01:25 AM PST.


The Deep South

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