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UPDATE: Because of this community's incredible response, we no longer need canvassers here at the downtown Cary HQ. However, if you can, rush over to 4501 Old Poole Road or 420 Hill Street in Raleigh.  They need you.

We have just three and a half hours before the polls close in North Carolina.  There are several precincts we need to hit RIGHT NOW.  We cannot wait.  Please, please ... if you are anywhere close to Old Poole Road or Hill Street in Raleigh, North Carolina, bring a flashlight and some friends and come canvass.

Unfortunately, phone calling won't do it tonight.  We need canvassers and people who can drive canvassers in the rain so they can finish their walk packets quickly.

I know this is a short diary, but I don't have time for a real diary.

UPDATED: If you can't make it to canvass, please go to a polling location and give people umbrellas, ponchos, the coat off your back ... whatever it takes to keep them in line to cast their ballots after standing in the soaking rain.  Hand out water, snacks, encouragement.  Not one person should be discouraged from casting their vote tonight.

We cannot afford to lose one single vote in one single precinct.

Thank you, Mighty Orange Force.  Thank you.

Originally posted to MsSpentyouth on Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 01:05 PM PST.

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