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Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot in the name of ideological purity. The Freepers are incensed at FOX for discussing the rumors about their beloved Sarah Palin's shopping sprees, incredible geographical ignorance, and especially that totally inappropriate, nothing-but-a-bath-towel performance in front of her campaign staff.

So they're calling for a boycott of FNC. The Freepers are going to stop watching FOX News. No, I'm not kidding.

Excerpts from their comment thread below. Fun stuff.

Not only do these rocket scientists not realize that there is no way that FOX will know if they stop watching, they have some highly entertaining comments on why they won't watch the "traitor" channel any more. Or why they quit long ago or were never a viewer in the first place. This is my favorite:

I don't watch Fox. Too far left.

But this one is good, too.

I haven’t watched FOX since the interview they did with Hussein.
BTW, I’m still boycotting France.

Stay with this one, because there's a punchline:

And while your at it, please tell O'Riley, Sean, and the rest to let their damn guests finish answering the questions they ask, and stop talking over each other. This doesn't work with human hearing with all the voices coming from the same can't single out a voice by direction like you can in a crowded noisy turns into gibberish. That's usually when I change the station and watch the Game Show Network.

And what were we saying about conservative delusions of grandeur?

Rest assured that someone at FOX is monitoring this very thread and that it is quite troubling to them.....anyone in media with a brain watches FR closely.

Oh, yeah, I bet FOX news is "quite troubled" about the idea of thousands hundreds of their fans tuning out for a couple of weeks. Especially since it will show up instantly in the Nielsens...oh, it won't? Nielsens are based on specially distributed in-home technology and telephone interviews? Whups. Besides, where else are their viewers going to go?

Wait...a couple of Freepers have ideas about alternatives (other than the Game Show Network):

We need a new tv news channel that is completely conservative. We have the talent. Rush, Ingraham, Levin, Hannity, Beck, Boortz, and others. Until then, I am cancelling cable.

I watch the Weather Channel often - to actually get the weather - but they are very liberal and promote “climate change” as part of their agenda. Be warned.

There's just no pleasing these guys:

I thought the new Huckabee show was going to be fun and last week he had it chocked full of liberal guests.

If FOX wants me back they will bring on Glenn Beck and Rush. I have had it with weasels like Hannity and O’Reilly.

The problem with FOX is that they are pandering to people that truly want fair and balanced. We conservatives want the truth.

(Yeah, I thought you'd like that last one.)

This Freeper believes there will be apocalyptic redress for the dissing of Saint Sarah:

Yesterday I had had enough!! Fox left us behind with all the democrat talking heads.
That with all of this working to hurt Sarah Palin is the end for me.

I really think that God will step in and fight for her. He never rushes in. He is kind and sometimes He waits to let people show their worst. The time will come when He will move and when He does, I wonder how much power Fox News will have left.

I would not want to be in the shoes of all of those working to destroy Sarah Palin

I will be fascinated to learn how God takes His holy revenge on the people who dared to blab about Sarah Palin's inappropriate sexualization of a business meeting. I expect nothing less than a rain of silk boxer shorts, smothering clouds of terrycloth and (thunder)bolts of African mudcloth.

But wait. Why bother with a mere boycott of a company's programming when you can go after individual newscasters?

Also, I suggest freepers send complaints about Shep Fag to Also, perhaps some NY Freepers can get photos of Shep and his boyfriend and post it online.

And FOX added insult to injury...!

Besides this slamming of Palin, a couple nights ago, didn’t one of the Fox people call FreeRepublic a “hate site”?

Originally posted to Julia Grey on Sun Nov 09, 2008 at 03:41 PM PST.

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