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Right after the general election, I made a personal vow not to write any diaries about anything but the Georgia special election - until after the Georgia special election.  

I think I've made my opinion here pretty clear.  We should be doing everything we can to help Jim Martin win the run-off tomorrow in Georgia.

So in that spirit, I am asking fellow Kossacks to please, pretty please (with sugar on top) - rec some diaries about the Martin election, and make some GOTV phone calls for Martin tonight.  

How many people view or use this website in a day?  Tens of thousands?  Hundreds of thousands?  
I just signed on to My.BarackObama.Com and made 15 GOTV calls for Jim Martin in just 20 short minutes.  Finished my dinner.  Made some phone calls.  Even managed to get some strecthing in while I was phoning.  Now I am going to ride the exercise bike - and maybe even make another round of calls.

Come on here people! You can do this too!  It is easier than eating all of your vegetables.  I promise.  Get on the phones for Jim.

If only 10% of us commit to making 10 GOTV calls tonight for Martin - that will be tens of thousands of GOTV calls.

Also, IMHO today we should be only being recc'ing diaries that address the issue of electing Jim Martin (minus this one of course).  I could care less about getting on the rec list.  But I do care about getting 60 votes (or as near to 60 Dem votes as we can) in the Senate.

UPDATE:  Additional Jim Martin Action Diaries to Rec Up:

Let's Elect Jim Martin by Saxby Shameless.

And check out Nuisance Industry's diary about Martin complete with action links for phone calls, etc.,

UPDATE #2: First time on the rec list.  I am sincerely honored.  I know I've been kind of a pain in the @$$ pushing the Martin story, but our work isn't done quite yet.  Let's try to win one more!

Update #3: You can make calls for Martin by going to, creating an account and downloading calls for Martin.  Each call takes about a minute or less to make.  

Originally posted to AdamSmithsInvisibleFinger on Mon Dec 01, 2008 at 09:59 AM PST.


Will you make calls for Jim Martin tonight and/or tomorrow?

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67%292 votes

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