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Oh I really do love this new angle, designed to save the "Masters of the Fucking Universe". This really is the sickest little joke during this whole sorry tale of greed and corruption.

Initially the financially fragile were blamed for having fallen for our governments lies that the economy was sound and now was the time to buy into the ownership society. It was their fault that the precious bastards running the banks lent them high risk loans, which were then packaged and sold on, thus spreading the manure around the world. Wall St was booming at the time and this was the time to rule the world. However, unfortunately someone delved into the figures and said "Oh shit, the loans are about as safe as an ice cube in hell". From bestriding the world like a colossus to holding out the begging bowl took but a few short weeks.

From the very start we have treated these assholes with kid gloves, they have not only been pardoned and bailed out by our 'leaders' resulting their positions being assured by you and I throughout the rest of our lives.

Now the plan is to fully exonerate them from any responsibility whatsoever.

How the hell you could fucking do that you might ask, well thay have just started to put in place a potentially saving spin. Read on if you can stomach it.

Well hi, welcome to the body of my rant.

Now back to the business at hand; saving the most arrogant bastards on the planet.

Now who is to blame, who could be the scapegoat we have been looking for, well bless my soul...BINGO

The Treasury select committee, chaired by Labour MP John McFall, announced last week that it would investigate the part journalism has played in the current banking crisis - as part of a wider inquiry into how the saga unfolded - examining 'the role of the media in financial stability and whether journalists should operate under any form of reporting restrictions during banking crises'. It will hear evidence from media organisations, including the BBC and major newspaper groups, in the new year.

Hallelujah praise Mammon indeed; we have the solution!

Shoot the messenger.

Its perfect after years of weak reporting and kowtowing to the powers that be, the press is now the easy target, if not the ideal scapegoat since our belief in the MSM is at an all time low.

So the strategy is as follows.

It is the 'poor's' fault that the banks had high risk assets.
The Press were at fault for reporting this insanity.
Wall St then panicked.

It had nothing to do with insanely optimistic and incomprehensible financial tools, the selling on of bad assets and the culture of greed.

Good grief how could you even think such a thing!

So with this reasoning the Bankers are not guilty of

Extraordinarily stupid risk.
Hoodwinking the financially fragile.
Selling on bad assets as good.
Wrecking the global economy with their greed.

Its our fault for noticing the problem

It is not unusual for the press to be blamed for one thing or another, what is unusual is that a government jumped all over the chance to do so, expect our sorry lot to hold an inquest soon.

Now that we have wrongly saved the corrupt and defunct financial sector and abandoned our workers to the tidal wave of redundancies caused by its collapse.

Our 'leaders' will now try to exonerate the bastards that caused the implosion in the first place.

If you don't think our 'leaders' will follow the British lead in this, well more fool you.

Next thing, before you know it, they will be sanitising war..oh..right..fine.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Dec 14, 2008 at 05:52 AM PST.


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