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Apparently the Bush administration has no understanding of the fundamental concept of Karma; what goes around comes around or the basic principals of Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of physics; every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Despite all the things the administration have gotten totally wrong and the tremendous price the nation is paying for those wrongs, one of the president’s last parting actions of gutting the $700 billion bailout plan of restrictions on executive pay appears to be that of someone who hasn't a clue of how the laws of the universe work.

After the country’s citizens balked vehemently at congress’s consideration and eventual passage of the bailout bill in the first place, they were slapped in the face one final time by the president making last minute changes to the bill creating a giant loophole for rich Wall Street cronies to slip through with the taxpayer’s dough. Without the slightest concern of how the public would receive and be angered by such an in your face act, President Bush gave his corporate colleagues one hell of a holiday gift at the taxpayer’s expense.

If it is even remotely true that what goes around comes around, then this president, his entire administration as well as anyone that gave support, cover or just sat quietly on the sidelines will have hell to pay. That being said, lets discuss the average American citizen's role in this American tragedy. We, the general public are paying now for our years of apathy, self-absorption, blind faith and blissful ignorance. We are paying with loss of our jobs, our homes and our former way of life. We the people are getting paid back in spades with the crummy future and legacy we are leaving our children. But even sadder than all that, the boomer generation will be forced to pay with the loss of their golden years. America is looking at a pothole filled and landmine laid road ahead and we are going to have to travel it with blindfolds on. Every step we take will have the potential to destroy what little we have left.

In a nutshell, this country simply retained the services of a government far beyond their usefulness for far too long. We were always ready to see some other community, state or region oust their Senators and or House Representatives, but never our own. We let them get away for decades without taking care of the nation’s business as long as they smiled, brought home the pork and didn't get caught with their hands in the cookie jar or with their pants down in public. We would not be in this mess if we had mandated our lawmakers to provide health care and a public school system that our kids could actually remain competitive with the rest of the industrialized world.

We let our representatives play their red against blue, Black against White, straight against gay and even men against women games. If that were not enough, we eventually got to Christian against Jew and post 9/11, everybody against the Muslims. Our own ignorance and arrogance lead us to our current plight and we have few to blame but ourselves.

While we acknowledge the current administration took this country into very dark times, teetering on the end of times as we know them to be in America and those directly responsible will pay dearly as well, still we must all accept our part in this madness if we hope to see better times ever again in this nation. Part two tomorrow! Click here for the podcast

Originally posted to lbines on Mon Dec 15, 2008 at 09:04 AM PST.

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