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Over at the Kossacks Networking site, we're growing in leaps and bounds. Nearly 3,000 members within 3 weeks. People are talking about job opportunities, helping each other out with resumé writing, starting businesses, developing collaborative writing projects, helping people get off the street, discussing a micro-loan program, providing emotional support and so much more.

To help you get a sense of what kinds of interactions are happening over there, we're beginning our "Yes, You Can Quote Me" series. These are stories from our members about how they've benefited from Kossacks Networking. Our first story is below the fold:

Jason Black writes:

When I established the Authors and Editors group, it was mainly with the aim of connecting with other, well, authors and editors.  But then people with a wide variety of other backgrounds, interests, and abilities started joining to.  I hooked up with Brian Hagen, because his profile said he was an artist and I happened to be in the market for one to do a book cover.

The economy being what it is, I couldn't offer him a lot but he said "Hey, we Kossacks have to stick together, right?"  He is now designing the book cover for the forthcoming book This Side of Normal, due April 2009 from LongTalePress.  I feel very fortunate to have found him here; his style and talent are exactly the right fit for this book's cover.

If you're interested in building the bonds of community which help each of be able to do our work here on dKos that much more effectively, please join us.

UPDATE: fixed broken link

Originally posted to UnaSpenser on Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 09:21 AM PST.

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