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Michael Sneed, who is female, claimed that Rahm Emanuel made 21 separate phone calls to Blagojevich.  It was all unsourced, thrown out there, and believed until the Obama-camp's internal report was leaked/released.  When Hillary Clinton spoke about the vast right-wing conspiracy, she must have meant the "journalists" willing to put out something that they're just making up on the fly.  If anyone thinks that this is Michael Sneed's first time making things up, they would be mistaken.  Of course, there is also more than that!

Amongst memorable moments with Michael Sneed's reporting includes;

Wrongly identifying the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacre as an "unnamed Chinese national".  This lead to China censoring coverage of the shooting, fearful that one of their citizens had gone on a rampage against U.S. youths.  The Chicago Sun-Times would later make that article disappear after the Chinese government went ballistic.

Supporting Sarah Palin.

I'm tired of women working hard for a hammer that never breaks the glass ceiling; disgusted when Hillary Clinton, an incredibly capable, brilliant woman, lost the fight of her life; disheartened by other countries throughout the free world being led by formidable women before America is.

Only this time, it was an amazing orator named Barack Obama who was stealing our thunder . . . and I was . . . well, you know. Pissed.

And then along came Palin, a woman of the tundra who could be America's next best frontier story -- and I was pleasantly surprised.

Hell, I was delighted.

Wow!  If you're wondering why the link I posted doesn't work, it's because the Chicago Sun-Times had to remove that article too.  You can't be that credible of a journalist and thinker when you write this;

So what if she's a Republican? I tend to vote for Republican presidents.

So what if she didn't know the definition of the Bush Doctrine? Her performance was a Western draw. Bravery in tact. But no one shot.

Evidence of that erased Sneed article can be found here, here.

Oh, and did you know that Michael Sneed herself is mentioned in the complaint against Blagojevich?   Thanks to Gawker, you can see for yourself without going through the actual complaint.  Is it any coincidence that there are more allegations of Michael Sneed putting lies out into the public?  This time, as a patsy for Governor Blagojevich.  Ya know, that same governor that Sneed claims spoke to Emanuel 21 times.  Anyways, here's the summary of Gawker's review;

Michael Sneed is a local gossip columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. And she's the latest journalist to be steamrolled by Chicago's US attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald—the same prosecutor who sent fallen Times reporter Judy Miller to jail! But Sneed won't have to go to court to try to keep her sources secret, because they're named right in the complaint against corrupt governor Rod Blagojevich. You see, Sneed was allegedly the guv's go-to reporter for planting fake rumors designed to help his scheme to extort money in exchange for Obama's replacement in the Senate. Oh, this one is good.

Gawker has key excerpts from the complaint filed against Blagojevich that tie Sneed to the Governor as his patsy.  This malarkey about Emanuel and Blago having 21 phone conversations came from a con-artist.  Will the Chicago Sun-Times remove yet-another Sneed column?

The following should be taken away from this;
Michael Sneed, who is female, has had multiple allegations made against her involving the deliberate spreading of disinformation and misinformation.
Michael Sneed, who is female, has had previous articles removed by the Chicago-Sun Times.
Michael Sneed, who is female, was big on Sarah Palin and expressed disappointment in Obama's victory over Clinton.

Happy holidays.

Originally posted to Setrak on Tue Dec 23, 2008 at 07:03 PM PST.

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