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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Sorry for the lack of detail, but I wanted to get this up as fast as possible!

UPDATE #1: OK, it appears not to have been a fox, but a marsupial, like a small kangaroo or, a very hairy platypus. All other facts in my original diary stand!

Impeach the marsupial! Impeach the marsupial! Impeach the marsupial!

UPDATE #2: The lazy dog appears to have actually been a very energetic, resourceful and productive dog, who was, at the time of the over-jumping, dead. My apologies to the canine for besmirching his memory. Also, the marsupial that was thought to be the fox, has turned out to be a monkey.

Easy mistake to make.

UPDATE #3: Rec list! How cool! That's why you need to get it up fast. Oh, and while I've got you here, the first occurrence of the word THE should've been "A" and the word "BROWN" should've been "BEIGE". So...

A quick beige monkey jumps over a dead, but never lazy dog.

Anyway, as you were!

UPDATE #4: No dog at all. It was a ferret, but an active ferret so... the other changes stand.


Also, the "jumping" I reported seem to be overstated. The AP is reporting it as a "STEP", but UPI has it as a "SAUNTER". Now, ARG has just come out with a poll stating that 93% of Republicans believe its was a "PIROUETTE", but, given the source, I'm just ignoring that completely.

To make clear...

A quick beige monkey stepped/sauntered over the dead, but never lazy ferret.

UPDATE #6: Again from the comments, NO the ferret has not been named to Barack Obama's cabinet, but YES he is pro-choice... though I don't know enough about ferret reproduction to know what that means.

UPDATE #7: Breaking news... "quick" was another mischaracterization. Nothing happened "quickly". "Lugubriously" is the word being used by Anderson Cooper and let me tell you, even I get a little thrill up my leg when he says it! "Lugubriously. Lugubriously." Must take a cold shower.

A lugubrious beige monkey stepped/sauntered over the dead, but never lazy ferret.

UPDATE #8: Um... thanks to DWreck for going over to Snopes and checking this one out.

I guess none of it ever... um... happened so... um... PLEASE UNRECOMMEND!

(And my belated apologies to the marsupial.)

Originally posted to SYFPH on Fri Dec 26, 2008 at 10:15 AM PST.

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