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Somehow, over the past few weeks, David Obey and Christine Gregoire have lost their damn minds.

They clearly have become brainwashed automatons, worshipping hype and ignoring a plain lack of substance.

Their statements of adoration for a David Koresh-type figure below the fold.

As readers of Jeralyn Merrit's Talk Left and Taylor Marsh know, Barack Obama is as much a cult leader and evangelist as he is a political figure running for office.

Sadly, his reinvention of Jonestown has several new residents.

Wisconsin Representative and House Appropriations Chair David Obey is making like his surname and
drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

"For eight long years, in extreme partisanship, George W. Bush has governed this country by dividing it," the senior Democrat from Wisconsin explained in an email sent to this reporter after we spoke about the race Thursday. "(Bush) has pursued disastrous foreign and domestic policies and has stubbornly refused to listen to anyone's views except those who march in lockstep with him. America desperately needs a new president who can reach across old barriers to form new alliances that can produce a new era of optimism and a healthier respect for the needs of others. I had originally supported John Edwards for President, but with his withdrawal I am voting for Barack Obama."

And Obey says, "People will, and should, make their own choices, but I believe that, while both remaining candidates would make outstanding presidents, Senator Obama has the best chance of giving this country the new beginning it so desperately needs."

Very sad.  I think Joe Klein and Taylor Marsh should hold an intervention.

Also getting ready shave her head and chant mindlessly is Washington governor Christine Gregoire.

"We must restore hope in America," Gregoire said. "We must put an end to politics of division by gender, race, and faith. Barack Obama has a unique ability to reach across all the artificial divides and divisions to move our nation forward. At a time of great division in our country, we need a leader who will unite us. Barack Obama is that kind of leader."

Jake Tapper and Villagers, please intervene before it's too late.  Save this poor, vulnerable soul from the mass hysteria and blind worship that is the Obama campaign.

Originally posted to Geekesque on Fri Feb 08, 2008 at 12:16 PM PST.

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