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Tomorrow, Texas Democrats will attend their County and State Senate District conventions to certify the results of their election night precinct conventions. This will determine once and for all that Barack Obama won the most delegates in Texas.

This diary contains the information you will need to either attend your convention, follow the results online, or help Barack Obama by calling delegates and alternates in Texas and urging them to attend.

IMPORTANT: If there are any problems with your County / State Senate District convention, call the Obama hotline: 512-476-2002. Calm, cool and collected volunteers will be standing by. This is the number for all of Texas. Put it in your cellphone now.

I. What Do I Need To Do and Know To Attend My Convention?

From Texas County Conventions: A How-To Guide

I quote myself:

Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Find Your Location.
  2. Get There Early.
  3. Bring Photo ID.
  4. Be Prepared to Wait.
  5. Ask Your Obama Delegation Chair How To Vote.
  6. Vote on State-Level Delegates.
  7. Run To Be an At-Large Delegate, If You Want.
  8. Go To Your Favorite Bar and Celebrate Democracy.

For more explanation on any of those steps, see the aforelinked diary. There is a metric ton of information in there, so arm yourselves with knowledge tonight.

IMPORTANT: Steven R reminds us that NO CONVENTIONS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. With the exception of Collin Co., who will convene on Sunday, ALL State Sen. and County Conventions are tomorrow, Saturday, March 29. Find or double-check your location here.

One More Link: dyspeptex reminds us to stick around for the resolutions. There are important measures to be passed tomorrow that will make it to the state Democratic party's platform, including a key anti-discrimination resolution. Please stick around and support the efforts of the activists who got these resolutions up for a vote.

II. How Do I Check The Results?

The fine folks at Burnt Orange Report will be publishing updated results from around the state. Click here to find out how you can report results in your area. The results will likely be on the front page.

Someone who is NOT in Texas should start a diary tomorrow Rieux has volunteered to post a live results thread on dKos and cross-post from BOR. It will be up around 10:00 a.m. Central time. Thanks, Rieux! Here is Rieux's user page if anyone is having trouble locating it tomorrow morning.

In Austin, our location is without wireless internet. While this means that some delegates may get the shakes from internet withdrawal, the far worse result is that we can’t blog from the event! Boo. I’ll post pictures tomorrow night. Yay!

III. How Can I Help Barack Obama Win Texas?

It’s not too late to make calls with the national online calling tool. Remind delegates and alternates to show up tomorrow. There are over 83,000 delegates and alternates across the state. Remember, some of these folks might be Hillary delegates or alternates. Just politely end the conversation.

Call Texas delegates and alternates now!

Down in the comments, Seneca Doane has started a thread for phonebankers to report results and help each other. Thanks! You folks are great!

IV. Can I See That Picture of Barack in a Cowboy Hat Again?

Sure. Happy to oblige:

REMEMBER THE ALAMO HOTLINE: 512-476-2002. Put it in your phone now. Thanks to the volunteers who are staffing it tomorrow.

Originally posted to kath25 on Fri Mar 28, 2008 at 02:36 PM PDT.

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