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I just watched Morning Joe just now and Joe was interviewing Elizabeth Edwards.  He asked her point blank that there was a NY magazine article that talked about why John Edwards hasn't endorsed Barack Obama.  In that article it said that one of the reasons was that Obama got in an argument with Elizabeth Edwards over health care and was "condescending".

Well she just said that that article is false and that Obama was really charming in discussing a variety of things including health care. She said that people should just be careful what you read for many things aren't true.

It is great to hear it from Elizabeth Edwards own mouth that that article is false.  Again people should take what they read with a grain of salt for people just make shit up especially when it is from an unnamed source who isn't part of the campaign but "knows" the Edwards well.

Elizabeth Edwards also said that both she and John most likely will not be endorsing any candidate at this time and instead will just vote privately in the North Carolina primary and most likely will not publicize their votes.  She said that all that talk (particularly from Time magazine, Andrea Mitchell, etc) about them endorsing a candidate is not true either.

I thought her interview was telling in that she attacked John McCain and not either Hillary or Obama.  She said that both of them would make great presidents.

Originally posted to Drdemocrat on Wed Apr 02, 2008 at 05:07 AM PDT.

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