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This is the diary to discuss the Clinton tax returns, which are scheduled to drop this morning.

We'll need to create teams to look through these tax returns, so please step up to volunteer to cover each year's tax return so we can find the information we need in those returns. As soon as I have the link to the returns available, I'll put it up here in this diary.

Also, please recommend this diary so it can be on the recommended list as an action item for Kossacks.


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Also, to keep the investigation going, we'll need someone to carry on a second thread if this one gets too long, and this diary can act as the Mothership.


Kossack Timroff has posted the second thread here so please go there to add to the volunteer list and discussion when the Clinton tax returns come out.


Andrew Romano at Newsweek's Stumper says that the Clinton camp is now hedging on the release of the tax returns.

UPDATE, April 4: Yesterday, Hillary Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson told reporters on a conference call that the campaign would release Clinton's tax returns by the end of this week (though the campaign is now saying that it can't confirm whether the records will actually be released today). With the long-awaited moment possibly at hand, we here at Stumper headquarters thought it'd be useful to revisit last week's conversation with NEWSWEEK investigative reporter Mark Hosenball about what--and what not--to expect from the data dump.


Drudge (ew) reports that the Clinton tax returns are finally out. CNN apparently has them, and so does Drudge. As soon as I get the link to online tax returns, I'll put it right here.




Ben Smith at Politico reports that:

UPDATE: The interesting part, of course, is the roughly $18 million that the summary doesn't account for.

Originally posted to slinkerwink on Fri Apr 04, 2008 at 05:36 AM PDT.

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