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This is NOT about one candidate OR the other one. It's is past due for that noise to cease and for folks to "get over it", and get re-focused. Stop worrying that it's all over because this one or that one became the nominee.

Democratic Nominee's "baggage" aside, the Republican primary turnout was telling: Repubs stayed home. They had NOBODY to vote for and McBush has gotten the nod out of that despair. The GOP is significantly fractured and there are sizable elements that aren't pleased with him.

Every day, more and more people are connecting the country's hard times with Republican rule. How can they not?

By comparison, the GOP had no discernible primary war like we have had. If there's any silver lining to the nonsense we have witnessed its that the utter absence of it on the Republican end is extremely telling. Whatever they did to cheer on their choices has long since dissipated and been forgotten.

The repubs stayed home during the primaries because the GOP has nobody to offer them. They could have had Ron Paul, but nooooooo.....

They want McBush. That's an important part of why they will lose. People are DONE with GOP-McBush policy.

End the Democratic Fighting
The point of this is to say "snap out of it"!

You go into elections with the candidates you have, not the candidates you want.

All those nitwits whining about how they won't vote democratic if thus and so occurs are simply full of shit. I suggest you should not listen to their crap.

When November comes, they are NOT going to vote for McCain just because they are still pissy about the sorry ass Democratic Primary season we just endured. That's just childish beyond words.

Focus on McCain
And the best news is that once a Democratic nominee IS solidified, folks can turn this useless candidate bullshit into useful anti-McBush content.

As I said above, I think more people every day are connecting the country's hard times to the elction issues and to the GOP.

Repubs HAD 8 years to do something right (sic) but they so totally blew it and evrybody knows.

The energy that I see as having been mis-spent in the democratic diary wars can be made available quickly to lay into McCain and the GOP. He's a Bush hugger and everybody knows Bush Republicans have ruined america.

So please, stand down on the candidate diary wars.

Lay off each other, lay siege to McCain and the GOP.

Republicans are going to take an ass-kicking in November and we can ensure that it's a huge one know.... working together.

The thought makes me all tingly.

Originally posted to Toking Points Memo on Wed May 07, 2008 at 08:55 AM PDT.

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