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UPDATE IV: Amy Goodman reporting Holy shit... Thanks to LeftOverAmerica for the link.

update V: hat/tip to both resa and jmknapp: twitter feed

I've been away for a few weeks and now catching up on the blog-o-sphere. I read a story from Glenn Greenwald about protesters arrested for planning protests of the RNC convention.

PLANNING protests. PLANNING to protest... oh my dear good god.

Yeah. Scary men in scary gear with scary big guns busting into homes of people who are vegans. People with slogans like: Food not War. Arresting them with intent to riot.

What is more incredible than even this? That, as Glenn Greenwald notes, there is very little outrage emanating from our fellow citizens, MSM, blogs.

But what I am reading about is Gov. Palin and McCain looking at her ass. What the fucking fuck is going on? Huffpo right side: all pics of Palin. Daily Kos? McCain and Palin and on the FP, a piece about McCain looking at Palin's ass. And yet, I've searched and found several diaries about the Minneapolis raids::: BUT NOT only ONE OF THEM MADE THE REC LIST.

I sit in utter awe of where we find ourselves. We have people in our government who have assumed power. Taken power. They (DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS) have overtly allowed George W. Bush to destroy our laws and the foundation of those laws, our Constitution.

And yet, despite the facts flying in front of our faces, we seem to think deconstructing Palin has some meaning. That believing in Obama has some meaning.

Those responsible for the disastrous state of affairs in our country are those campaigning and promising us they will uplift us. Those very candidates are part and parcel of the power structure that is responsible for allowing the destruction of the fragile balance of power American was able to maintain at large (it has freed Putin is to challenge the whole EU community and who pushes back?). Is it me? Or have we all gone fucking crazy? Thinking that these argument about John McCain or Barack Obama or how old Biden will be in eight years really means a fucking thing...

Our lives are being usurped, inch by inch, by the very people we citizens have divided ourselves over. Think about it. Really. Look at it. The citizens of this country are so blinded, we can't make out the real stories.

Like police in riot gear terrorizing American citizens who want to carry signs saying: FOOD NOT WAR. Like unanswered Congressional subpoenas. Illegal wars. Illegal spying on US citizens. FISA. the dissolution of anti trust laws. mercenary armies... i am sinking thinking about how long this list could be, if i had the heart to keep on going. . .

The presidential race is of little consequence. Ousting Nancy Pelosi? For me, much more appeal. Taking back our town councils, school boards, and state houses? Necessary work if we are to regain our country and re establish our Constitution. There is a revolution going on in this country and beyond. One being waged by those in Washington to kill Ameria and our republic. There is a revolution going on and the proponents are both Democratic and Republican. They are federal judges and industrial leaders. Past presidents and those who run the World Bank and IMF. The revolution includes Mr. Putin. I mean how can this man threaten to nuke Poland and nobody blinks? What the fuck is going on?

Electing Obama president? Blathering on about Palin? Only keeps us further from the work that needs to be done. The revolution needs to be stopped.

Being distracted by the people in the race... all the utter bullshit about who's right or who's a hypocrite or who lied or who's a beauty queen. Keeps us from looking at EVENTS. Is there anyone in our government standing against the outrage in Minneapolis? I've been surfing the web and see not one Washington leader screaming bloody hell over it.

We are in trouble here. This is not August 2001. They, Dems and Rethugs, have changed the game on us and, it seems to me, we keep clinging to old ideas and habits.

and i wonder: what are we thinking? so many holding the same hopes, feeling the same horror at our situation, and seeing the solution in candidates who both represent those who took us to this horrible mess.

Follow the money. Follow the events. It is up to us. Nobody else to save us. . .

UPDATE: thanks to Naranjadia for a much better search & uncovering one diary on that made the REC LIST

UPDATE II: from prodigal, digby's important list of links about this story

UPDATE III: pay attention to dengre's ability to read tea leaves... from July 29, WOW: Domestic Spies, Abramoff & the Great Philly Puppet Raid of 2000...  

Originally posted to pfiore8 on Mon Sep 01, 2008 at 05:09 AM PDT.

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