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Look, folks, we've all indulged in a two week orgy of an over-the-top soap opera, made legitimate by its being about politics rather than "General Hospital"   And the dirty little truth is I've enjoyed every moment of it, just like I pick the longer checkout line when there is a juicy article in  the "National Enquirer" to browse.  

But it's time to cut this shit.  I don't care whether Sarah Palin was screwing around with Todd's partner, leading to their divorce; or whether Bristol is marrying Levi based on love, or pressure from Mama.  There is too much at stake to continue to indulge in this real life drama of "Peyton Place" meets "The West Wing."

Sarah Paylin, if the unthinkable should happen and McCain wins, has a decent chance of becoming the chief executive, the President of the United States of America.  And all that we know about her national positions is a convention speech that was written by an anonymous person. While such other ghost written speeches are common in politics, they are usually followed up by questions by the public, or the public's proxy, members of the Press.  

A speech by a candidate is reasonably expected to be a distillation of the values and positions of the speaker.  Even if there is a speech writer involved, it is the speaker who selects and approves the message.  

Sarah Palin's refusal to be interviewed is nothing less than an unconscionable affront to democracy.  Their vilification of the "elite media," which seems to include every entity not controlled by Rupert Murdoch or Rev. Sun Yung Moon, takes on an ominous meaning when used as an excuse not to be subjected to questions on her positions.

Let's be clear about something; death of a president is not a rare event. Out of the forty three we have had, eight have died in office and an additional three have faced an assassination attempt.  Statistically, even ignoring McCain's health issues, there is more than a one in five chance that there will be a President Sarah Palin.

While it was McCain's prerogative to have given her this position after a single brief discussion, the people of the United States do not have to concur with this gross irresponsibility.  If McCain should die there will be no re-vote, no confirmation by Congress, there will be an automatic oath of office. Then, this woman, who refuses to answer any questions by our surrogates, the members of the press, shall be President Palin.

At that point she will become the "Decider."  Based on existing law this will give her the authority to invade any country of her choosing, without any prior approval from any other body or individual.  President Palin will be the "Decider."  If the Secretary of Defense, or any member of her cabinet refuses to follow her instructions, she may discharge them at will.   She will be the "Decider."

Oh, she will have the advice of many people.  But they will be the people whom she chooses, such as her husband Todd Palin, or perhaps her evangelical minister. We will have no say in the matter, because She will be the "Decider"  

And short of death, if McCain as President were to be incapacitated, according to the 25th Amendment, it will be she, Acting President Palin will have all the authority and prerogatives of the position.

Yet, this individual who was never vetted by her party, who only had perfunctory interviews on any national media, refuses to accept any probing questions.  She, and John McCain, actually expect the American people to accept a President based on criteria appropriate for the "civic speech" segment of a beauty contest.

The continuation of the Soap Opera only degrades the serious of what is being attempted by the Republicans.  The jokes rooted in her gender makes it too easy to dismiss this insult to the public.    

This is nothing less than a degradation of every principle of our democracy. She is no longer a simple "soccer Mom." Rather this unknown person hiding behind a ghost written speech, has become someone who may obtain the power to shape the destiny of our country.

Originally posted to ARODB on Fri Sep 05, 2008 at 09:45 PM PDT.


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