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At the least, the war mongering terrorist in Israel could have waited until after this supposedly holy Christmas holiday season was over before launching their bloody attacks upon the Palestinians in Gaza.

After Jan 20 2009 all the young lives lost in these primitive, senseless, and endless Middle Eastern conflict will be on Obama and democrats!

Iraqis have a right to have their civil war without Obama, republicans, and democrats taking sides.

The world's nations needs to arm the Palestinians equally to Israel and let then have their revolution once and for all.

Mr. Obama, if your daughters were sleeping in a home, on property you had invaded and occupied by force, I would expect for the rightful owner of that home/land to use words, insults, rocks, bullets, rockets, bombs, and "everything else in their power" to get you and your daughters off their property! Fact: All the Palestinian people and Islamic nations view Israel as an illegitimate occupying force with which they are at war. However, it is very clear that instead of Obama staring form the beginning facts in his assessment, condemnation, or allegiance, he, like all other bias Anglo presidents before, is going to start at the end with cheap hypothetical political rhetoric and solely from Israel’s perspective. And Israel goes on unabated murdering disproportionate hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians. The Israelis in range of Palestinian’s rocket fire should take Mr Obama "individual responsibility" challenge and stop putting their children to bed, on the front line of occupied land, and in a war zone! But just as with previous Anglo administrations, in his bias political rhetoric, Obama refuse to acknowledge that Palestine and Israel are at war and that because of the political influence of a few Jews in America, America has assisted Israel in murdering tens of thousands of young Palestinians while occupying Palestine land.  

Truth: Hamas is the official democratic elected government of the Palestinians people. Truth: Hamas and the Palestinian people are at war with Israel. And just as America dropped atomic bombs on millions of innocent Japanese civilians, Hamas often kills a few Israelis civilians in its war with Israel. Hamas fighter are warriors/soldiers at war, they are not terrorist. Anglo America’s original kkk is a true terrorist organization that murdered and terrorized unknown numbers of African Americans, yet this American domestic terrorist origination is still in business and has been shielded and supported by most southern Americans, CIA, FBI, police, and notorious American politicians like Strom Thurmond, Jessie Helms, Robert Byrd, etc.

At the least, the terrorist warmongers in Israel could have waited until after this supposedly holy Christmas holiday season was over before launching their bloody attack upon the Palestinians in Gaza.

Democrat and Republican parties and politicians are a fake competitors and competition scheme like the WWF’s supposedly "professional wresting!" The things missing in this two party monopoly and fake competition are absolute facts, truth, dissent, and authentic competition. Bipartisanship is like a coded curse word trick. When conservative republicans have corrupted, tainted, and moved a policy180 degree to the right then weak and gullible democrats calls it bipartisan compromise when they sign on after such policies have been moved only 90 degrees back right of center.

Judging from Obama’s move toward appeasing racially conservative republicans and corporate America,  it has never been more important than this present time that fair and just Americans have a real and unapologetic liberal third party in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, God, etc. to be representative of the poor, workers, minorities, women, and all.  Furthermore, I cannot see how things are going to change under Barack Obama because I have yet to see him display the kind of courage and strength of character it will take to stand up against all the good ole Anglo boys’ networks and interests that have corrupted this nation and world. It is no coincidence that I have not heard Obama mention "Katrina," the Poor, and absolute and unconditional world peace. Corporate America, including the major networks, profit from endless war and conflict so it will take a real president with large balls to stop endless war projects this in turn will make these warmongering industries diversify.

Republicans take great pleasure in sharing blame and pointing to the Clinton administration and democrats as their "partners in crime" when it comes to the current economy failure. And they are correct in doing so because democrats and Bill Clinton caved in and were complicit with conservative republicans on many social, military, and economical issues like Iraq, deregulation, welfare reform, etc. Moreover, because democrats like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are so passive and weak they often side with even weaker hard line conservatives republicans on issues like war and crime in order to appear tough to hostile republicans.

There is a prediction that "2012" will be the end of the world; my only New Years wish is that I hope God turns this speculation into a reality! Since no other western leaders and/or nations have the balls and courage to stand up to Israel and American’s WMD, aggression, and killing, I pray that in "2012"  God will send all these non believing warmonger like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfield, and bias Israelis to hell. And I pray that my God/Allah/Jehovah will see fit to bless the Palestinian people, leaders, and their warriors!

What Change, Israel is still killing at will!

Originally posted to LiberalLovingMan on Fri Jan 02, 2009 at 09:05 AM PST.

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