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Okay, maybe he's not really a senator yet. However, it's all over but Norm's shouting and crying and court appeals. What do the Freeptards have to say about Franken's perfectly fair win? You guessed it: He STOLE it!! The GOP BETTER not seat him because he STOLE the election!

The Freeptards' main motto:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Of course, they'd rather have the courts rule in their favor instead of counting. ;)

No doubt Reid and Soros already knew this yesterday.

Well, everyone saw it coming...

Anyone who didn’t expect the Democrats to steal this seat through the recount process is a political novice.

This re-count had complete transparency though...oh, forget it.

Yup, It's important to count the ballots and KEEP recounting them until you get the results that you desire.

I am surprised that there are no Democrats that see a problem with what Franken is doing.

This is America right?

These people don't even follow the stories and just make up baseless assumptions. These ballots were never counted before.

I would love to see a mathematician calculate the liklihood of this event so convenient to our truth-loving liberal citizens of the world.

Franken had an advantage in absentee ballots, buddy.

If there is an election to be stolen the Dems can definitely do it, and it looks to be the case....they make me sick.

Apparently. If counting all the votes is stealing the election, then I agree. Franken stole it fair and square.

Acorn ballots. A comedian or a RINO. Some choice.

They have already turned on their messiah (as of a few days ago) Coleman. Who saw that one coming?

its disgusting. MN should have been ashamed to vote for this comedian.

Minnesota can now be proud of their senator. ;)

Watch Coleman concede graciously, instead of fighting tooth and nail.

That would be the smart thing to do, instead of wasting everyone's time with frivolous challenges.

Stories concerning voter fraud absolutely set my teeth on edge.

Hahahahahahaha, imagine a Freeper sitting his computer grinding his teeth over SENATOR Al Franken.

The ‘Rat’ always wins. [Franken/Coleman]

How do you explain Florida, 2000?

Predict banning in 3...2...1...

YEP! Coleman should be yelling foul from the roof tops! But I don't hear it. It looks like he is taking the McCain stance ... we can't accuse them of cheating ... that would be mean spirited.

Or because it's not true.

Well, this certainly is bad friggin' news to start the New Year off on.

I suspect (and most political commentators agree) that this recount will go to the courts.

Think Bush v Gore back in 2000. That's the legal course the Coleman campaign is gonna take.

Comments or opinions - anyone?

The recount is already over, genius. The court can't steal it for you.

It's official, we are now a country of tyranny and fascism

I have to step away for a few....AAAAARRRRRGHGHGHGHGH!!!!


Guess they can stop counting now that they have the desired result.

Seriously. They just recounted for a month and magically Franken gains hundreds of votes? There is corruption here on some level.

Not magically. You should've payed attention.

A blight on the senate. I suspect even a few dims are embarrassed.

We're quite happy with our 59 senators. :)

I’m disgusted... I’ve lived in MN since 95, and now I am practically giving my home away (for sale for $120,000.00) and am planning to go to either Wyoming or South Dakota. Way too many liberals here and the rights are being stripped away on a daily basis.

Please do so. Living in Wyoming will make your vote count even less. ;)

There is corruption here on some level.

Ya think?

This is WA all over we knew it would.

Yup, the Democrat always wins when the votes are counted.

The Romans elected a horse to the Senate. Looks like we're going to elect a jackass.

Having a ill-tempered uncouth clown as a Senator could be a lot of fun.

Hee hee hee

what’s sad???

the fact that this happened or the spineless Republicans let this happen????

Like always, the Freepi turn on the Republicans who they were so cheering for a couple days ago.

Although it’s not as important to our country, the election of Franken, on a visceral level, makes me much angrier than does that of Obama.

In your words after FL 2000: Get over it!


How dare they insult Queen Palin I that way!

Well, no American can ever take Minnesota seriously again.

Idiots elected an idiot.

Freepers have a habit of bashing blue states, even though a lot of them live in blue states. It's pretty funny.

Acorn ballots.


ACORN ACORN ACORN...ACORN is the source of all their electoral woes.

Coleman wasn’t much of a conservative Republican anyway. The fact that he’s replaced by a lunatic may not hurt that much in the long run.

Minnesota deserves an embarrassment as senator. Well, at least 50.00001% of them do after you count the fraudulent ballots.

You forgot Barkley. :(

This is nothing, the Bolsheviks have just begun. Wait till they distribute KY jelly to all registered republicans and independents once Obambi the messiah becomes emperor jan 20.

Such drama queens.

**Did anyone ever count the military votes **

They will ALL be Disqualified, after they are deemed LATE for floating in Lake Superior for another 8 months.

Hahahahahahaha, I think I'm overdosing on Freeper schadenfreude.

Don't blame the Minnesotans for this. They didn't elect Franken; they elected the republican. They then fell victims to an unscrupulous power-hungry political apparatchnik (however that's spelled) that is set to win at any cost. The will of the voters wasn't taken into consideration.


Just one more step towards the degradation of America.

Hello Union of Socialist States of America, formerly to land of the free, now the home of the loons.

As if our government wasn’t already the laughing stock, now we have a member that is a pitiful imitation of a comic.

Minnesotans, he’s your pick, not ours.

Minnesota should be proud.

Add a clown to the assorted deviates, public restroom trolls, drunk drivers, careerists, lobbyist fellators, incoherent incontinent octogenarians, gigolos-by-marriage, drug addicts, fellow travelers, pseudo-intellectual elitists, traitors, mountbanks, cads and boors.

God bless America!

Minnesota will get what it has elected, nothing. This gains them nothing. It makes them look like fools to everyone else in the country. I have heard even dimocrats here laugh and say how stupid him being in the senate is. He is a joke. A sorry, sad, joke. Minnesota has proven it is about the most stupid state in the union. First, a pro ‘rassler. Now a failed talk show host.

Damn. I bet Minnesota Freeptards are crying right now from that one.

So lets sum it up:

Ballots that favored Franken and were double counted get included.

Rejected/Absentee ballots from Franken Counties get included.

Rejected/Absentee ballots from other counties Coleman wants included do not get included.

Pawlenty fiddles while Minnesota burns.

Pawlenty, as far as I am concerned, is unfit more more responsibility and higher office. Those who cannot be trusted with small things.........

So now the questions are:

1.) Will Pawlenty be the first Republican to ask Coleman to concede?
2.) Will Coleman concede tomorrow, or the next day?
3.) Where will the Supermajority seat come from (#60) for the Dems? Because it WILL come from somewhere.

I think it's funny how they expect Pawlenty to intervene when he has no authority to do so. But they like it when people in executive positions abuse power, I guess.

has Franken won ????

He won the day Coleman didn't make it "unstealable".

How exactly do you make an election unstealable? Ban access to courts?

Al Franken can s*ck my n*ts.

A closeted Freeptard?

Republicans need to learn the value of street demonstrations and rioting.

Please, do it. :)

EDIT: Wow, this is my first diary to make the rec list! Thanks guys!

ANOTHER EDIT: The Freeptards now even have a thread bashing Norm Coleman for being cowardly, even though he's fighting tooth and nail and pulling out all the stops. They turn on anyone who loses, it's an unforgivable crime in Freeperville.

Your tagline hits it right on the head! I didn’t donate a dime to Captain Queeg, and I wont write a check to the GOP until I see a Republican with the guts to stand up to the Muslim Marxist, Botox Pelosi, Dingy Harry, and their allies in the press.

Yeah, give your money to Jim "buy me a new house Freepers" Robinson instead.

The Senate is meaningless. It's a WINDBAG chamber. Frankly the more idiots we can pack into DC the sooner it will fall. They are complete and utter MORONS. Cranky Franken is icing on the cake of DISASTER.

This Freeptard hating the Senate so much makes me think the Senate might be good after all...

Funniest quote of the day:

So Coleman now has the distinction of losing elections to Jesse Ventura and Al Franken. This does not look good on a resume.

So true. I know I would laugh when Norm was applying to be dog catcher.

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