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I shouldn't be surprised, angry, irritated, disgusted. But alas, one more time they've gotten under my skin. Margaret Carlson was interviewed by Kieth Olbermann and said that Blair House was not "booked". It is now. Sort of.

You remember that the Obama's could not take an earlier than customary posession of the house. Customary being January 15th. No big whoop. You're booked, you're booked. But it just makes everyone wonder what could be more important than the incoming President and his family. Curiousity kicked in hard, across the board.

While everyone is wondering what last minute soirees and uber-important Dignitaries and all were on the schedule for Blair House, there are plenty of folks feeling just a little bad that the Obama kids were going to have more upheaval than needed. Yeah, they've got to move and start at a new school, and a new life. Their comfort during the transition,and their education, matters greatly to the Obamas.

What's so damned important to the current pissypants occupant of the White House? Apparently just the fact that it's one more petty power play. No one is "booked", except for the former and much reviled Australian Prime  Minister John Howard. For one night. At the last minute.

Is there no end to the shenanigans of this prick and his low class wife?

Don't know why this is bugging the crap out of me. But it just is. Shame on them. Once again.

Updated just to say thanks for jumping in and being just as perturbed as I am. Recommended! Thanks for the discussion. This is only my second diary, though I have lurked since maybe day two. And thanks for all the links, video, and general information which has assisted greatly in my attempt here.

Updated. Cleaned up some spelling errors and made some clarifications.

This isn't a big deal, just one more petty insult by the Bush crowd. The Obamas, as one would expect, are above complaining. They exude class and grace.

Originally posted to lexalou on Tue Jan 06, 2009 at 07:15 PM PST.

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