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Is Sanjay Gupta the right choice for Surgeon General? A growing chorus are have questions about his candidacy.

The severity of the current health care crisis in America requires a Surgeon General of serious stature, with deep roots in the public health community and a record of compassion towards America's 47.5 million uninsured.  On the surface, Dr. Gupta seems like a nice enough guy.  However, even his supporters note that some of his feature stories have relied upon questionable science.  It is also troubling that Dr. Gupta currently accepts fees for speaking engagements - something considered highly unethical in journalistic circles.

In what I have read about Dr. Gupta, he seems to have given little thought to the serious problems facing our health care system.  I hope that President-elect Barack Obama will offer us someone who can make us feel he might have the ability to become a champion of health care reform and whose past action reflects more commitment and integrity about the number one issue of our society - a failed health care system. These indicators seem to be lacking in this potential nominee.

I have great optimism that President-elect Obama will ultimately choose someone who shows the ability to become a Surgeon General who will work to create real change.

Originally posted to Congressman John Conyers on Fri Jan 09, 2009 at 04:55 AM PST.

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