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It has come to my attention that recent fund raising efforts to subsidize C & J have fallen  short. This makes me sad and a little cranky.

My friends here at dkos know that I am a studio musician by trade, and we studio musicians operate under a certain credo, which is ... take all work.  

While operating in this mode I occasionally find myself lending my piano-playing skills to artists who have a penchant  for wingnuttery. I characterize the proceeds  from these engagements as filthy lucre , and it burns.

 That said, please follow me below the fold for a proposition.


 The goal of raising 10,000 dollars to take Bill up to October, 2009 is 75% there. So we need 2,500 clams to get to Bill's salary of $33,000. The C & J fiscal year is Oct. through Oct.

 Since I live and work in Nashville I have recently experienced  a case of burning- filthy- lucre- build- up. so...

 I want to put some of it to good use by matching contributions to Bill's salary.  

  Below are five ways for you can help to keep C & J on the air.
  *   If you select the one time contribution ... I'll match it.

*   If you select the $5, $!0 , or $20 monthly contribution, I'll match it by making a one-time contribution that reflects six-months-worth of your monthly contribution.

*   If you want to send a check via snail-mail, just make your pledge to do so in the comments, and I'll match it. ( I trust you, you're probably a Democrat, and nothing like Blagojevich )

 One Time Contribution .. New improved link

$5 Monthly Contribution  click here
$10 Monthly Contribution  click here
$20 Monthly Contribution  click here
If it's easier for you to send a check via snail mail, the address is: Bill Harnsberger, 16 Pitt Street, Portland, ME, 04103.

  I know that times are tough for many and it's in that spirit that I wanted to match donations in honor of those who love C&J and may not be in a position to help out right now.

  If you are unable to donate or already have,  please just give us a recommend and say hello in the comments.

  If you don't like Bill or feel that this sort of activity is inappropriate for the site , or worse, socialism , then please post a comment. An elite cadre of Ninja Attack Pooties  will be dispatched to hunt you down and scratch a nasty message on your forehead.

  Update ! the One Time Contribution link is working for me now.. let me know if it is for you. God save us from Pay Pal
    Update II well now it's not working again . I'm so sorry. I relinked and it worked for a while. I'll try again.
   Update III .. at 7:39 central the one time only link was still working. Huzzah !
  Update IV  Nice going people ! Here's some shadetree accounting with the contributions still coming in:

 One Time Only .. $ 2,245.00
My match ...         $ 2,245.00

Monthly( my matches ) ..            $ 620.00
Six months of monthly pledges .. $620.00
                                                 + 4,490.00
                                                  $ 5,730.00

  So we have exceeded the $2,500 goal by more than double. I will do an exact accounting  very soon and post it. Thank you all so much for throwing down tonight. I can already feel the burning sensation beginning to subside.


Originally posted to jnhobbs on Sat Jan 10, 2009 at 03:32 PM PST.


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