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The following will shock you. You have never read it before, because the media, academia (and various other groups ending in -ia) have put every effort into silencing anyone who disagrees with them. People who have pointed out the fact that Pasteurism is obviously false have been fired from their job (because the RELIGIOUS believers in Pasteur's theory were scared that we would disprove their theory by curing patients with prayer). And yet we persist in exposing their falsehoods. They haven't silenced my fellow Christian warriors. And they will never silence ME.

What causes disease? This is obvious to anyone who reads the Bible. SIN causes disease. It is blatantly obvious. Yet in the past one and a half century, this eternal and self-evident truth has been under attack by self-proclaimed scientists. Increasingly, children are being brainwashed with the anti-God, anti-American ideology that GERMS are responsible for diseases. This THEORY has led to innumerable outrages, indescribable suffering and worst of all: if you believe it, you are going to hell. Do not be deceived! God is not mocked!

Ever since that anti-Christian cretin, Louis Pasteur (a FRENCHMAN, surprise, surprise!), they started to claim that microscopic 'germs' were responsible for disease. Guess what, "Dr." Pasteur, I have never seen any evidence that germs exist. Nor have I ever seen a germ. Your THEORY is a FRAUD!

The LORD Jesus cured people by forgiving them. Instead of using such anti-Christ hoaxes such as 'medicine' or 'surgery'. It's the most evil thing I've heard of. They rip open a human being and tamper with what the LORD God has made? Lord have mercy on us. Doctors should not be using medicine, or performing surgery, or any of that crap. They should be PRAYING for their patients. I find that Jesus works much better than any reprobate medicine. These doctors are going to hell. Don't let them take YOU with them!

Pasteurism has led to weapons of mass destruction like biological weapons. Saddam Hussein was a devout Pasteurist, and he used Pasteur's ideas in his weaponry. Thanks a lot, Louis Pasteur. I hope you're proud of yourself. I bet your mom is proud of you. But the anti-God Pasteurian ideologues don't care. They only care about advancing the one idea that they have: that there is no God. It is their religion (which I think is a very good thing, but in this context, you should read it as an insult).

Pasteurian society has led to murder, rape, integration, women's "rights", homosexual "rights", war, revealing clothing on young women. WHERE WILL IT END?

When will we stand up to these people?

When will we attend school board meetings and DEMAND that the anti-Christian biology textbooks are replaced by godly, righteous ones that show God's side.

When will we demand that the TRUTH is told, namely that Pasteurism is a THEORY and not a FACT? Even 'scientists' and 'doctors' will admit that germ THEORY is a THEORY.

But they never follow through on their admission. They don't allow ALTERNATIVE theories, like the correct one, the one that God happens to agree with, to be taught in schools. They don't allow doctors to use God's methods. They don't invite God's people over on TV to comment on disease. No, Pasteurists are very intolerant - their religious devotion to the temple of Pasteur and his discredited theory is ABSOLUTE. But as I said, they will never silence me.

To Pasteurists (who won't have read this, because they are intolerant of everything but their own opinion): don't agree with me? You aren't having an argument with me. You are arguing against God. And God is not a liar, as much as you want to think that He is. For your transgressions, you will burn in hell forever, where there will not be a single drop of water to cool your tongue. You will not have a single second of respite from the devouring flames. You will watch as your children and grandchildren are boiled alive, their cries of agony will resonate throughout your (empty) skull. For the Lord God is a just god, and he takes vengeance to three to four generations down from the transgressor (Exodus 20:4). Do you hate your children, grandchildren and their children  so much that you want them to spend an ETERNITY (not five years, it means forever) in HELL? Just so that you can accept Pasteur's theory? Repent, and you will have everlasting life with God and Jesus (John 3:16).

But if you have been convinced by my arguments, you can join me and my fellow dissenters from Pasteur. At the Discovery Institute, we wage a daily battle against Pasteur, his THEORY and his evil followers. Join us, and fight on behalf of Christ.

What a cesspool of immorality and filth we have become. Instead of being praised, Bible-believing Christians who disagree with Pasteurism are scorned and mocked. Every day, America declines further and we sink further away into the pit of the Beast of Revelations, and further away from God.

Lord Jesus, come soon.

Originally posted to Mikemoud Huckmadinejad on Thu Jan 15, 2009 at 06:03 PM PST.


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