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International war crimes -- including an illegal invasion of aggression and occupation, 100's of thousands of dead civilians, the use of illegal weapons, torture, criminal neglect of his own people while they drown in a man-made disaster that was due to more neglect, the outing of his own intelligence agent (placing many of her American colleagues at grave risk), spying on his own citizens and lying about it repeatedly, joking about not finding WMDs a year after starting a invasion of aggression, calling the massacre in Iraq a "comma" in history, supporting 2 illegal wars and multiple war crimes committed by Israel...

and the new President-elect has this to say about the man behind these actions...

From AFP:

"I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country and I think he made the best decisions that he could at times under some very difficult circumstances."

Barack Obama is talking about a man who makes decisions based on "his gut" and who "talks to God" and believes he is "doing God's work".

Barack Obama is talking about a man who once had fun watching frogs explode when he planted small explosives inside of them.  Barak Obama is talking about a man who smiles and giggles and gloats about the death and destruction caused by his own decisions -- affecting millions.

Barack Obama is talking about a man who has no regrets, except for poor PR decisions that his staff had made.

The INSANITY continues when Barak Obama speaks...

"It does not detract from my assessment that over the last several years we have made a series of bad choices and we are now going to be inheriting the consequences of a lot of those bad choices."


A war of agression, killing 100's of thousands and displacing millions, is not "a bad choice".  It is a "WAR CRIME".  

The suspension of Habeas Corpus, kidnapping innocent foreigners and torturing them in Syria and Guantanamo Bay is not "a bad choice".  It is morally sick -- and is an "INTERNATIONAL CRIME".

Spying on your own people and shitting on your own constitution is not "a bad choice".  It is "A FELONY".

Playing guitar and eating birthday cake during photo-ops while thousands of your own citizens are drowning is not "a bad choice".  It is "CRIMINAL NEGLECT".

What's more, Mr. Obama -- these actions and decisions do not exactly play to the contention that you make.  Mr. Bush is NOT a "good guy".  He is "A MURDERER" and he is quite likely "A SOCIOPATH".

Clearly, with Obama's recent comments, American mythology will continue to reign, and history will be re-written with the help of the next administration as we "look forward" and "forget about the past".

Until, that is, the next bunch of war criminals walk the halls of the White House.

Originally posted to STOP George on Fri Jan 16, 2009 at 11:22 PM PST.

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