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We all know that during the Bush regime years, American citizens never saw the coffins of our fallen heroes coming back from Iraq.

Americans are also shielded from the brutal ugliness of our collapsed healthcare system. The traditional media is ill-informed (what else is new?), and rarely, if ever, give us frank and candid reporting about the grotesque realities of the U.S. healthcare catastrophe.

So where can you get the unvarnished truth? From the BBC. In this explosive documentary on the U.S. healthcare system, the BBC does the heavy lifting and picks up where the American media gives up and sells out.

I suppose we're not supposed to see stuff like this because it's all just too disturbing. Little details like citizens of the richest country on the planet not having access to healthcare, and the huge sums of money that flow from insurance and drug industry lobbyists to our elected representatives are issues we need to bury deep under the rug.

We also don't see executions in this country. There's a reason for this information void, it's called keeping a cap on public outrage. It's about keeping the citizens docile. But despite the best efforts of the corporate media and the political class, outrage within the United States is building to a dangerous crescendo.

What you're about to see, will take your breath away.   It's from the BBC. The BBC is reporting information which we should be seeing on CNN, MSNBC, NBC,CBS, ABC, but don't. No wonder the traditional media has become a worthless relic of a bygone era.

Everyone that is, except heroes like Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, Bob Herbert, and a few others.

This was broadcast a few days ago, on the January 19th episode of BBC One's Panorama. Panorama is the world's longest running television documentary show. In What Now, Mr. President?, the BBC tackles the deplorable state of health care in the United States. You'll see the lengths to which our uninsured citizens must go in pursuit of care, the pharmaceutical industry's rigged pricing against Americans, and the insurance industry's efforts to deny care whenever possible.

And more. I urge you to watch the entire documentary.  And then, please pick up the phone and call your representative or the White House, or Secretary designate Dashle and ask them, when the American people are going to get guaranteed and affordable healthcare.

When will American citizens be able to stop waiting in line sub-freezing temperatures in order to see a doctor?

And here's what they mean about bribery and influencing members of Congress.

Watch this! On chemotherapy and living in a tent in the United States of America!

And the other day in Connecticut, Senator Dodd "heard" for what, the one trillioneth time, that Americans are just Goddamn sick and tired of waiting for healthcare.

Senator Dodd, do you really need to hear this?  Are you and your coleagues still not aware of the anger and desperation of the American people?

Dodd Hears Anger, Frustration At Meeting On Health Care

EAST HARTFORD - On the first day of a listening tour on health care, an issue pivotal to the new Congress and his own re-election, U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd got an earful Friday.

The first comment came from a furious homeless shelter manager: He and his clients have no coverage, yet insurance giant American International Group got an $85 billion federal loan.

Over 90 minutes, the Democratic senator heard from a string of constituents, who waved their hands, hoping for a chance to describe a struggle to hang onto middle-class lives after losing jobs and affordable health care. A few were angry, others just scared.

On the way out, Dodd embraced one woman who burst into tears as she described losing health coverage for her disabled 2-year-old. Dodd held her until she stopped sobbing.

For starters, Senator Dodd, the American people demand just what you have. Just what you pay, the same taxpayer subsidized premiums you and and your family receive.  If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for the American people.

Or am I missing something?

Originally posted to nyceve on Tue Jan 27, 2009 at 06:19 AM PST.

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