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F.O.O., I've got items for "this day in history" to appeal to the "jocks" & the "literate - types." I'm betting this day is a holy day for one Keith Olbermann for the following 2 reasons. On this date in 1900, the American League, consisting of eight baseball teams, was organized in Philadelphia. And, I bet he knows who the 8 teams were! ;D And, on this date in 1936, the first five members of baseball's Hall of Fame, including Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, were named in Cooperstown, NY. And, once again, I bet Keith knows who the other 3 members are!

Now, for us "literate - types"...

Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" was first published, in the New York Evening Mirror on this date in 1845. How 'bout a little Vincent Price, everybody?

I have to admit my favorite version of "The Raven" is from The Simpsons first Halloween special. It was read by James Earl Jones, Homer was waiting for "the lost Lenore," & Bart was the raven. Too damn funny!

Let's Countdown!

#5 "HI, Partisanship" AKA "Shame That Tune" AKA "Bonus Coverage" AKA "The Party of ‘No’" - $18 billion in bonuses were paid to Wall Street execs with OUR F*CKIN’ BAILOUT MONEY! President Obama called it "shameful"; it is shameful. IT SHOULD BE A CRIME! VP Biden isn’t a happy camper, either. "Throw them guys in the brig!" Yea! Do what Joe said. "Small Price to Pay" Boehner thanked his party for the "no" votes yesterday. Yea, he should be damn proud – NOT! OK, it’s getting to the point now that every time I see a Repub I just wanna smack the $hit outta them; this attitude may not bode well for my television machine! We can take the bonuses back, according to Jonathan Alter?! Hell, f*ckin’ do it! Wow, and Jonathan Alter nicely put into perspective what last year’s bonuses could’ve done for the stimulus package. The House GOP is refusing to blame themselves for the "failure" of the stimulus package they voted against yesterday. Say what?! I say f*ck "bipartisanship"; let’s have a good bill that will do the most good for the most people! President Obama compromised; the GOP didn’t vote for it anyway. F*ck ‘em! Sorry for so many "f" bombs, but I’m pi$$ed.

#4 "Rod Blagojevich Removed as Gov. of IL by Unanimous Vote" - Wow...59 – 0?! Ouch, man! I mean, I think Rod’s a numbnuts, but 59 – 0 is painful. Gov. PottyMouth decided to show up at his trial – TODAY. I guess he had a window in his interview schedule. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that someone somewhere will hire Rod for something. He quoted MLK again. Yea, that worked great the first time. So, does this mean we’re not gonna have Blago to kick around anymore?! :(

** There’s a shoe statue in Tikrit in honor of the shoe – tosser. I will never tire of watching those "Keystone cop" inmates in New Zeland close – lining themselves (of a sort) around that pole! ;D **

StillBUSHED! "Body Armor – Gate" Thousands of sets of body armor are being recalled; they were never even tested. "Electrocution – Gate" KBR just got another big ‘ol contract in Iraq even though they are guilty of negligent homicide of the electrocution death of a soldier taking a shower. And, we all wondered how DICK would occupy his time out of office. "Sadism – Gate" John Yoo wrote an OpEd in the WSJ saying we must torture. If Yoo really honestly thinks anyone is listening to him anymore, then his head is truly in a dark & stinky place, and UC – Berkley should fire his a$$ - "tenure" be damned!

#3 "Subpoenaed" AKA "Against the Law" AKA "Rove Against the House" - TurdBlossom just said no – AGAIN – to showing up to testify in front of Rep. Conyers’ committee. Mr. Bull Snort offered to hide him out. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, you better f*ckin’ declare him in contempt of Congress & arrest his voluminous arse! Rep. Nadler says TurBlossom must answer all "reasonable" questions, but, if he even shows up, he’ll take the 5th and take the 5th and take the 5th and take the 5th...

WPITW – A liquor store in Australia made a woman prove her pregnancy to dispute a shoplifting claim. Rep. Phil Gingrey wants to marry "the comedian" or at least be a cigar delivery "vessel." A CNBC anchor took it to said "comedian" today!

#1 "Superbowl – Bound" AKA "Heady Coach" - President Obama has picked the Steelers to win Sunday. That should make Mike Tomlin happy. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS A BEARS FAN! Take that, Cheeseheads!! ;D OK, Tomlin’s a year younger than I am. Gadzooks! Us whippersnappers are OK! Dan Patrick’s going to be on Countdown tomorrow night – YAHOO! That’ll be fun!!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Thu Jan 29, 2009 at 06:44 PM PST.

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