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I've discovered that the hold for Solis' has been placed by Mike Enzi, WY. Thereisnospoon diaried about this yesterday. After I found out who it was I posted my "discovery" on that thread, but it got buried.  Thereisnospoon suggested I write this diary, although it will be short and sweet.

The block has been placed by Mike Enzi, WY.  His ostensible reason for blocking is because she supports the Employee Free Choice Act, which is not DOL territory, anyway.  

I don’t know WHY no Dems on the committee don’t simply say that it doesn’t MATTER if she supports the Ee Free Choice Act (she did vote for it after all) because DOL DOES NOT HANDLE UNION LAW.  That belongs to the NLRB, which is not part of DOL.  Too stupid for words.  Wondering why her handlers aren’t feeding this to the apparently dense D’s on the committee.  Enzi's office gives a "no comment" when contacted.

There ya go.  Feel free to independentally verify, or etc.

Update.  Yeah, sorry, I wasn't sure how to correctly say that my source is an ex-staffer at a major agency without sounding like an IMF agent or some troll.  So I put it in.  Then it was recommended I take it out.  So should read "a high level former staffer confirmed today" or something like that.  But of course I know that there must be independent confirmation.  When I called Enzi today the line was "no, no" but then when I said specifically that I had heard it was on the grounds of the "the EE Free Choice" I then got "no comment."  So there ya go.

WOW.  Rec list.  Major milestone.  

Update 2.

As several commenters have pointed out below, this appears to not be a technical "hold" (which can only be applied when a nomination comes to the floor) but a committee block.  H/t to GOTV, BleacherBum153, and FeloniousMonk.  My source says yes, in fact that technical "language" is true, but that Enzi is driving the bus when it comes to not getting this out of committee.

Originally posted to cityvitalsigns on Thu Jan 29, 2009 at 05:53 PM PST.

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