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It's pushback time for the right wing, and the reality-based world is under siege.

"House Republicans said we would stand up for American taxpayers at this time of economic hardship for our nation,"

crowed House Minority Leader and noted condomphobe John Boehner, whose party doubled the national debt in 8 years.

Radio narcissists like Limpboy and Hannity shout daily that "federal spending didn't end the Depression, buying all those planes and tanks did," as though the average citizen had an M2 parked in the driveway.  Noted baseball historian George Will concurs.

Famed economists unfairly snubbed by the Nobel Committee like, say, Eric Cantor, tell us tax cuts are the only sure path to economic recovery.

Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Scwharzman uses his Davos pulpit to put forth his best idea for economic recovery:  less regulation for banks.

Wow, with all these experts telling me it's raining, I can barely smell the piss fumes coming off my leg.

Note to right-wingers:  hit the damn reset button.  Even the least well-read American can tell you that our current troubles won't be cured by giving the wealthiest families an even bigger slice of our shrinking national pie, and getting your mouthpieces to yell louder isn't convincing us.

We know--roughly--how we got into this mess, and it wasn't excess regulation or miserliness toward the well-heeled.  If you have any truly new ideas, we, like President Obama, would be happy to hear them.

But if all you have is the same old supply-side fantasies, we'll believe our lying eyes, thanks.

Originally posted to Crashing Vor on Fri Jan 30, 2009 at 06:59 AM PST.

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