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Are you as heartbroken as I am, kids?  Poor Rod Blagojevich is not only out of a job, but he's facing prison.  I thought I would help him make a good impression on the jury pool who will be deciding his fate in his impending trial.  

Do you watch American Idol?  Me neither.  However, whether you watch or not, you've probably heard of Sanjaya.  He was famous for his hairstyle constantly changing.  Well, I was thinking that perhaps the former-Governor Blagojevich might take the same tack.  

Since he's been a part of politics for many years, Blago might be comfortable with the hairstyle I call the James Traficant.


Smokin'!  It worked for James Trafi.....Oops!  I was just told that Traficant's hairstyle didn't do him any good, and he's in the slammer.  Well, join me below the fold, kids, and we'll explore other possibilities.

Okie dokie, so maybe choosing the hairstyle of a politician is the wrong idea.  Hey, I know!  Sports!  People love sports!  And what better hairstyle is there in the world of sports than that of boxing promoter, Don King?  

Now, that's hot!  I think tha.....Oops!  I was just informed that Don King spent 4 years in prison.  Sonuvabi....Let's move on.

Okay, so no politics and no sports.  I've got it!  Music!  Everyone loves music.  It soothes the savage beast.  Or breast.  Or beast's breasts....well, that's not really important.  What is important is picking a true giant in the field of music.  How about someone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Have you guessed yet who I'm thinking about?  I bet you have--music producer Phil Spector!


What's that?  Phil Spector is on trial for what?  Oh, shi....Let's keep going, kids.

There has to be a category I haven't thought of yet....D'oh!  I was talking about Sanjaya, and I completely forgot about entertainment!  Actors have great hair!  Let's see there's that excellent actor, Nick Nolte.

Nobody can say anything bad about Nick Nol.....dammit!

Well, then we're going to have to think outside the box.  You can't go wrong with the Serbian Stooges...


Of course, it might be safer to go with fictional characters.  Maybe something for comic strip fans...


Or maybe even comfort food!


On second thought, kids, if you're gonna go Sanjaya, you might as well go Sanjaya!


Original images:
James Traficant
Don King
Phil Spector
Nick Nolte
3 Stooges
Big Boy (hat tip to Patriot4peace)

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