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I'm pissed off. I'm so pissed off I could scream. I'm furious with the Republicans, with the media, and with bailed out bank executives. I want to punch the Big 3 execs. I want to set Sean Hannity's hair on fire. I want to tear my own hair out when I hear Erin Burnett defend 18 billion dollars in bonuses to stupid, idiotic executives who couldn't turn a profit if a kid in diapers gave them a billion bucks for free. I am pissed off at every goddamn House GOoPer who voted against the recovery package just to spite us and screw with a country they don't give a crap about. I am SO PISSED OFF by hearing anyone repeat anything that goddamn Rush Limbaugh has to say - FYI, I DON'T CARE!!! But most of all, I am pissed off at my party, my fellow Democrats, and my new President, for whom I have the utmost admiration.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US? I woke up this morning, opened up, and saw this: Senate DEMOCRATS Lack Votes to Pass Stimulus. Never mind that when you click on the link, the article is only entitled "Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus" with no mention of Democrats - but this diary is not about the media's utter lack of integrity or standards. But what the hell is wrong with us? Seriously.

Last time I checked, the President of the United States was elected with a HUGE popular and electoral vote margin. 10 million more Americans voted for him than for the other guy. We have HUGE margins in the House and Senate, where our majorities from the 110th Congress were REELECTED AND EXPANDED. Oh, and I seem to remember it had something to do with the fact that we promised CHANGE and a complete reversal of the policies of the LAST 8 YEARS, which led us to this goddamn point.

I am enraged because people are losing their jobs, their heath care, their retirement savings, and our economy is crashing. Do Democrats not get it? Maybe it's convenient when you have a cushy job with health care and your friends and family are lobbyists and none of it matters, but people are SCARED, goddamnit. Yeah, when the media says the recovery package has giveaways to Hollywood and money for condoms, yeah, people will say they don't like the current version. But goddamnit, people, you can't play politics, you can't be scared, not now!

We are in charge. We don't need Republicans except for a sane one like Olympia Snowe who will support the stimulus if Democrats stop acting like pansies and get it together. I know that Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu want to get their names in the papers and look like they are bucking the big, bad Democrats, but come on, people, we need to save the economy first.

And why won't the goddamn White House show some leadership? The President needs to be giving a speech every day around the country selling this thing. The Republicans don't respond to reason. We have to understand that. The President can go to their caucuses every day for a month and he won't convince a single one of them. The only thing these goddamn people understand is losing elections. We have to go directly to the American people to sell this day after day after day after day.

The President should be on the road in California and Kansas and Iowa and North Carolina speaking to Americans and telling them why we need this package and we need bold things and we need them fast. This is a warm up act. If we think that passing a huge economic recovery package in the midst of the worst economic crisis this country has seen in 75 years is bad, then forget about health care, forget about a renewable energy policy, forget about education reform, and definitely forget about tackling global warming.

If we don't get a spine and get our act together on this, we won't get it together on anything. And frankly, it's got to start with us. We worked too goddamn hard for years to build a movement and elect the candidates and win these elections and get big majorities to just sit back and carp and whine about Dems being dumb and bitter and stupid.

That's why I'M MAD AS HELL and I'm going to take that anger and call my Senators and every member of my congressional delegation today and tell them to get a move on it. Then I am going to call Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu and all the other moderate Dems offices and tell them they better pass something and support the President and not whine and do this right. And then I am going to call all the moderate GOPers in the Senate and tell them the same thing. And then I am going to call Republican leadership and tell them I am going to do a sit-in at their offices with 100 of my friends if they don't support this package and fast. And then I am going to call into Rush Limbaugh's radio show and laugh, just laugh.

So don't sit there and be mad too. Do something, let's get this done. We've worked too hard and hoped too much and gone too far to sit back and just be mad. So don't sit there and be mad too. Do something, let's get this done. We've worked too hard and hoped too much and gone too far to sit back and just be mad.

Originally posted to ahf8 on Wed Feb 04, 2009 at 07:02 AM PST.

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