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President Barack Obama offered them the open hand of peace and received the clenched fist of hatred in return:

Noonan: "The inquest on President Obama's great stimulus mistake continues."

Krauthammer: The bill "was not just bad, not just flawed, but a legislative abomination."

Gingrich: "I think (Obama's) in real danger of becoming Jimmy Carter instead of Ronald Reagan. He's zig-zagging...."

Conservatives Pile On

And Senator Graham yesterday was a positive ass.

They think they smell blood in the water, but they're wrong.

President Obama is fighting for America, and the Republicans seek to destroy any chance of recovery.  This is why all Democrats, that means you Senator Nelson, and the few Republicans who will put country over ideology, must support the Recovery Bill.  Time to stand up for America and do the right thing!  Support President Obama.

More, after the fold.  

Paul Krugman described it well this morning in the New York Times:

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to economic recovery. Over the last two weeks, what should have been a deadly serious debate about how to save an economy in desperate straits turned, instead, into hackneyed political theater, with Republicans spouting all the old clichés about wasteful government spending and the wonders of tax cuts.

It’s as if the dismal economic failure of the last eight years never happened — yet Democrats have, incredibly, been on the defensive. Even if a major stimulus bill does pass the Senate, there’s a real risk that important parts of the original plan, especially aid to state and local governments, will have been emasculated.

Somehow, Washington has lost any sense of what’s at stake — of the reality that we may well be falling into an economic abyss, and that if we do, it will be very hard to get out again.


The American economy is on the edge of catastrophe, and much of the Republican Party is trying to push it over that edge.

President Obama sees it:

"I don’t care whether you’re driving a hybrid or an SUV," he said. "If you’re headed for a cliff, you have to change direction. That’s what the American people called for in November, and that’s what we intend to deliver."


And more spending, massive spending is exactly what we need to prevent a Second Great Depression.  Demand is down a trillion dollars.  Two trillion over the next two years.  That's Depression numbers.  President Obama last night explained why we need spending:

If we do not move swiftly to sign the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law, an economy that is already in crisis will be faced with catastrophe. This is not my assessment. This is not Nancy Pelosi's assessment. This is the assessment of the best economists in the country. This is the assessment of some of the former advisors of some of the same folks who are making these criticisms right now.

Millions more Americans will lose their jobs. Homes will be lost. Families will go without health care. Our crippling dependence on foreign oil will continue. That is the price of inaction.


For you, these aren't just statistics. This is not a game. This is not a contest for who's in power and who's up and who's down. These are your constituents. These are families you know and you care about. I believe that it is important for us to set aside some of the gamesmanship in this town and get something done. (Applause.)


Number two, it is expected that we are going to lose about a trillion dollars worth of demand this year, a trillion dollars of demand next year because of the contraction in the economy. So the reason that this has to be big is to try to fill some of that lost demand. And as it is, there are many who think that we should be doing even more. (Applause.) So we are taking prudent steps.


So then you get the argument, well, this is not a stimulus bill, this is a spending bill. What do you think a stimulus is? (Laughter and applause.) That's the whole point. No, seriously. (Laughter.) That's the point. (Applause.)

TPM: This transcript was released by the White House on February 5, 2009

Spending!!  So when I hear Republicans screaming this is a spending bill, the answer, as President Obama essentially said, is:

No shit, it's a spending bill!  That's what we need to replace lost demand!

The media is opposed to rebuilding our economy.  They have been in the pockets of the Republicans too long.  They just redo stories from the 1980s about government spending instead of working.  Idiots.

Cable TV news is a cess pool for the most part.

All Gingrich has got is going back to Jimmy Carter.  FU Newt.  What a f..king loser he is.  Why is he even on TV?

Newt, your kind destroyed the American economy.  The pain of millions is on your head, Newt.  Your contract ON America finally paid off under Bush.  You killed it.  Proud?

Make your voices heard.  Pass the Obama Jobs Bill!

As for Democrats who attack the bill, we will remember.  Senator Nelson needs to get his head screwed on right.  There had better be 58 Dems voting for the bill.

Republicans caused the fire, and now they want to stop the fire trucks from putting out the fire.  

Time for action.  Pass the Obama Jobs Bill.

Update I: Per slinkerwink's excellent suggestion:

Call your Senators

Capitol switchboard line: (202) 224-3121

Update II:

President Obama this morning stands tough on the size of the Jobs Bill:

The bill before Congress isn't perfect, but it is absolutely necessary.  We will continue to refine it and improve it.  There may be provisions in the bill that need to be left out and some that need to be added.  But broadly speaking, it is the right size. It is the right scope. It has the right priorities to create 3 to 4 million jobs and to do it in a way that lays the groundwork for long term growth by fixing our schools; modernizing health care to lower costs; repairing our roads, bridges, levees, and other vital infrastructure; and moving us towards energy independence.  

It is what America needs right now. It will take months – even years – to renew our economy. But every day that Washington fails to act, that recovery is delayed.

President Barack Obama after meeting with his Economic Advisory Board, quoted on Time Swampland

He will compromise on a few things, but will not be bullied by Nelson and Collins to gut the Plan:

But broadly speaking, it is the right size. It is the right scope. It has the right priorities to create 3 to 4 million jobs

Originally posted to TomP on Fri Feb 06, 2009 at 09:00 AM PST.

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