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From Julie Sweet, campaign manager, Geoghegan for Congress:

In a crowded field, the organized candidate wins.  That's why the Geoghegan campaign owes the Netroots – we wouldn't be where we are right now without your organizing for Tom.

The race is less than three weeks away, and we can't let up now.  Every day, supporters like you are phone banking and canvassing to tell Fifth District voters about Tom's vision for real progressive change – social security benefits that people can live on, single-payer healthcare, and getting working people out of debt.

Please join us for an hour this week to tell Fifth District voters why you believe in Tom's progressive agenda.

Knowing we have people pulling for us keeps us energized, and makes it easy to talk to folks about Tom.

This is Eli.  He got involved in Tom’s campaign because of their shared commitment to the labor movement.  He read Tom's books and was inspired to get involved.

“After I read Tom's book Which Side Are You On?, I knew this was a candidate I had no choice but to fight for. Tom is the only candidate out there writing and thinking about how to get the economy working for working people.  Instead of the idealized abstraction that often plagues Washington, Tom offers offer ambitious solutions grounded in the needs of real people.”

Chastidy is a new member to the Geoghegan team.  She joins us from the University of Chicago Democrats and Students for New American Politics PAC.  Chastidy has spent a lot of time working in the Chicago Public Schools and has witnessed first hand how the education funding disparities are impacting our kids.

“I think what we need right now are new and innovative ways to address old problems.  I initially got involved because of Tom’s work to bring equity to our schools. What I’ve learned over the campaign is Tom is not only a courageous advocate for working Americans, he has the intellectual dexterity to bring innovative ideas to Congress.  His arguments for why we need single-payer health care and an increase in social security are just two great examples.”

We really need your voice too – use our online phonebank tool to make some calls for Tom this weekend.


If you don't have time to phonebank, you can still help by making a donation of $20 or more right now.

And if you can't phonebank or donate, we could really use your vote in the DFA poll.


Thanks so much for all your help!

Originally posted to Tom Geoghegan on Sun Feb 15, 2009 at 09:21 AM PST.

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