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  The following (the start of the body of this diary) is a comment I left on a fine diary by jedley.  It's on
the Rec list.  It's about wingnut violence and the FBI's involvement, among other things.

  May peace one day overlay the earth, and heal the world.  

  We all teach, you know.  On our level (there are no levels really) we are all teachers and we are all learners.  Do we want to teach death and destruction (I believe deep inside, where we actually reside, neither of those are real--nothing unreal exists--)or peace?  

  What brings us (you and I and our dreaming) to just happen to find a diary or a book or a movie or a comment, that seems to speak to us?  


I believe time as we know it is an illusion.  I believe everything is simultaneous.  Thus, when I say the above, it means that peace already is.  

 I believe in telepathy.  I believe we all communicate telepathically.  This communication is constant (simultaneous time, remember).  

 We can do more than we realize to help President Obama, his family, and the Law Enforcement of the United States...I believe it starts with coming to terms with our connectedness.  Indeed, our oneness.  

 We constantly prove to ourselves that mind has far greater power than we want to admit.  We became afraid long ago in our terms.  We fell into a deep sleep, and only dreamed that we awoke.  

 I believe it is time now to learn that we form the world we think we see, individually and as a whole.  I'm not afraid any longer to say these things.  This is too important.  These teachings have been around for centuries.  Barack Obama is more than "Just A President".  This is a crucial period.  This is the part of the dream in which humanity finally begins to get in touch with its own power.  The power of peace without opposite, love without opposite...we can (must) help.  We can do it sitting right here.  Prayer, meditation, filling our mind with a deep sense of calm and protection that seems to come from somewhere "outside" us.  

 This is our time. [End of comment.]

  As I was working on my intro for this, I happened to glance to my right, and there is a picture of our president speaking.  His long slender brown fingers extended as he speaks.  Even in a static photograph, the man exudes supreme confidence...for I do not consider him to be arrogant, but supremely confident.  

  I believe in a "time" wherein we as a world finally learn that we cannot heal the world with violence; we cannot continue in the old ways.  This president is part of that.  I am not only not a cheerleader, I am a recluse at heart.  So when I write of this man in these terms it is not with a white-hot passionate glee, but a deep awareness and sense that this is a pivotal period in our history.  Even if I did not like Barack Obama, I would still see what I see.  "Like" has nothing to do with it.

  We will transform.  Indeed, I believe we are transforming now.  (Now is all the time there is; now is always our moment of power.)  

  There will be enough people to notice this diary and read it.  They will understand, and begin.  Or continue what they had been doing to maintain this transformation into a new way of being...which is not really so new...these people will be predisposed to respond to this understanding, this belief that underneath our raging nightmare, all is well.  Go watch Jill Taylor's Stroke of Insight, for example.

  It seems obvious that violence not only solves nothing, but it leads to more violence.  I am not a pacifist.  In fact, I have anger issues.  But I also have my spiritual discernment.  Thus, I am healing from my issues.  I understand that ultimately, they are not real.  

  I (spontaneously) found the following a couple of minutes ago.  It is from a talk I gave to a group of women, including my wife, with traumatic brain injury (TBI.)  It is on my ideas of spirituality:


"...we are free.  We can dream of darkness, as we eternally live in and of light; we can dream of sickness, but remain forever whole; we can dream of attack, and at once know it is a cry for help.  This dichotomy cannot stand, for it is but a split awareness, our attention divided "between" Reality, and what we demand to be reality.  One is Home, and one is a wish to be something we are not.  Thus we dream we are isolated, lost, alone and unforgiven unless we bow to a stubborn and twisted deity whose insane doctrine cannot possibly stand.  The essence of you did not leave because of TBI.  

  "Our awakening is assured.  No matter what choices we think we made or did not make, we never left Home.  We are that child, handing the glass back to her daddy, all memory of nightmares now gone..."

  I have learned to trust my intuition.  Something whispers to me, not in words, but a sort of nudge, to get up and start looking.  So I do.  I seek.  I find.

  Change the way you see the world, and the world you see will change.

  Many names are used. God or Gods, Great White Spirit, Goddess, Allah, All That Is, Divine Mind...I do not think it really matters.  I believe in a reality that is not of this world.  I believe we did not create ourselves.  I believe whatever this reality actually is, it turns out to be perfect love.  Without opposite.  We who dream of blood and bone and tissue are not physical beings.  Again, I urge you to visit the Jill Taylor talk.  (It is not religious.  She is a scientist).

      "Once he has banished malevolence and hatred from his mind, he lives without ill will and is also full of compassion, desiring the welfare of all living beings...Once he has banished the mental habits of laziness and indolence, he is not only free of laziness and indolence but has a mind that is lucid, conscious of itself and completely alert;...Once he has banished anxiety and worry, he lives without anxiety and his mind becomes calm and still;...Once he has banished uncertainty, he lives with a mind that has outgrown debilitating doubt and is no longer plagued by unprofitable [akusala] mental states."


  --Buddha.  From Buddha, by Karen Armstrong.

  I had a nudge to get up and get my copy of "Buddha".  As I started to sit back down my finger "just happened" to open the book to the above passage.  Spontaneously.  Herein lies peace.  

  There is one teaching, and all teachings teach it.


Originally posted to wewhodream on Sun Mar 08, 2009 at 09:35 AM PDT.

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