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Every once in a while I head over to the supposed winger answer to dKos known as Nothing brightens my spirits more than reading those clowns getting all riled up by something that they get stuck in their empty little heads.

Erick had a post that did not dissapoint.

The Doldrums During Fighting

... am a bit overwhelmed. I suspect many of you are too. The information is coming fast and furious, the GOP has yet to get back in the game with a full swing, socialism is creeping upon us, and many of my friends around me have decided the best course of action is to put their heads in the sand and hope for the best

It gets better...

Far and away my favorite graf comes next. Remember that Erick is a kid who defended and loved President Bush as much as any winger out there. He defended him like his own brother. To him, Bush was a demi-god. So with that in mind, read this:

Let’s be clear: we are being run into the ground by a group of leftists, half of whom are incompetent and the other half hate America. Between the incompetence and the hatred toward our way of life, it’s a lot to take in. Take it in we must. Digest it we will.

Erick loved the most incompetent administration in history. He thought the reactrion to Katrina was fine. He doesn't care that no WMDs were found.

He loves Palin and Cantor so much that he gave the prominant roles in his Newsweek Puff Piece.

Then there are the comments. Right out of the gate we get:

We're with you, but, WHERE THE !#@! ARE OUR LEADERS
citizenfx Tuesday, March 24th at 6:37PM EDT (link)
I have been working relentlessly since last june to avoid the Socialist CREEPy that is BO. I am an economist. I don’t believe most people understand the troubled waters we will be in for the next 20 years if something miraculous doesn’t happen soon!! I believe BO is purposely bankrupting this country so Capitalism will never have a chance to re-live in the world again.
But I am perplexed. I am reminded of the 300 army in Athenian times that took on the Goliath in the Persian military and held its own quite well. All the while every Politician failed to see the threat that was at its doorstep.

Priceless. "I'm an economist." Anybody want to take odds on whether he was against Bush destroying our surplusses and giving us a 3 trillion dollar debt?

I didn't think so. But even better is this fools seeing his fellow morons as the Athenian Army. I guess that's where the "Redstate Strike Force" gets it's recruits.

Then you get this kind of comment and response, and you just have to laugh:

We need strategies to force the MSM to deal with our grievances.
Vladimir Tuesday, March 24th at 7:37PM EDT (link)
Civil disobedience cuts against the grain of most conservatives, me included.

But putting a tea bag in an envelope seems an awfully impotent reminder of the original Tea Party.

The Tea parties are working, we need to keep them coming fast and furious
citizenfx Tuesday, March 24th at 7:48PM EDT (link)
I subscribe to IBD, a lot of their editorials they pluck from blogs. Usually the MSM is forced to cover some things once they get on board. This just came out today

Tea Parties And Thugs


God help us all if they decide to start protesting by doing the "Dirty Sanchez" or "Tossing the Salad."

I'll leave you with one more. It shows how far out of touch they are.

We know
brandoncraig Tuesday, March 24th at 8:51PM EDT (link)
As Republicans and conservatives, we know our ideas and principles are correct. The facts are on our side that true conservative policies will make this nation stronger and a better place for us and our children.What we lack right now is a credible leader to articulate these ideas to the masses like Ronald Reagan was able to do. If this person does not emerge soon, it will be a long 4, maybe 8 years.

I still hold out some hope for Gov. Jindal.

So the facts are on their side. Those would be the facts of the last 8 years that showed that Conservatism is a massive failure.

But hey, at least we still have Jindal.

Originally posted to Mike S on Tue Mar 24, 2009 at 09:31 PM PDT.



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