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I get info from all sorts of places but I think this needs some more digging into. This is the type of stuff Karl Rove is famous for, pulling the strings from the back.  This "website" from a "bunch of normal god fearing Americans" is a front, for a bunch of rich people, this article from Veterans Today explains it quite well it shows who is funding the "movement". If it can actually be called a "movement"   it seems like sheep being led by the "shepherds" and eventually there is going to be some real problems.

Friends, some former Ron Paul supporters are now being courted by "radicals" stressing a new revolution of working class Americans against Obama and his big business supporters. is one of their biggest voices.  In truth, our heroic gun totin' woodsmen are actually following Washington DC public relations firm Shirley & Bannister public affairs, a front group for the Bush family and the insurance industry.

The "tough guys" being organized into Milita units to march on Washington DC are being led by a front group funded by Westinghouse Corporation, Prudential Insurance, AETNA Insurance, the DuPont family, the Forbes family, McDonald Douglas, nuclear power plant builders and about a hundred groups made up of Washington lawyers and lobbyists.

What an embarassment.  Organizing all of this "libertarian protest" is the biggest client of all, The Republican National Committee.  The secret is out, you've been had, duped, snookered and suckered.

I wonder when people get "tired" of being manipulated by the media, and the rich and powerful?

The Patriotic Resistance    The network for idea-based resistance to Obama-led socialistic agenda this kind of reminds me of when Rumsfeld hired the DC groups to write  the "news" for Iraqi newspapers, all propaganda all the time.

This site actually claims that Glenn Beck muddles their real message and that he is not helping them, WTF?  These people are a match made in heaven or is that a match made on K street?

The list I had posted here does not match their website  

Here is the website for Shirley & Banister  you should also click on the For media  and read the articles they have posted there.  They are not shy..I will say that for them.

The above is the client list for Shirley & Banister  the same people who fund the Republican Party.

President Obama has enough real trouble in the world without the "wing nuts" being spoon fed pablum by  "patriotic Americans" being whipped into a frenzy by people like these from the back rooms of Washington DC and New York, these are the same people pushing the idea that "President Obama is going to comfiscate their guns"  and put everyone into "Fema detention camps"  etc.

They also push the "Tea Party" idea quite fervently on this site. At what point does "free speech" become "incite to riot" where does the line get drawn?  They are not yelling the "building is on fire" but this comes awfully close.

Do these companies and groups that do business with Shirley and Banister really want to be associated with this type of work?

UPDATE  big hat tip to BenGoshi for the link  this is great

 Potato Day  Jon Stewart last night

Update 2  Source Watch this is a website that gathers data about companies

SourceWatch is a collaborative project of the Center for Media and Democracy to produce a directory of the people, organizations and issues shaping the public agenda. A primary purpose of SourceWatch is documenting the PR and propaganda activities of public relations firms and public relations professionals engaged in managing and manipulating public perception, opinion and policy. SourceWatch also includes profiles on think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests. Over time, SourceWatch has broadened to include others involved in public debates including media outlets, journalists, government agencies, activists and nongovernmental organizations. Unlike some other wikis, SourceWatch has a policy of strict referencing, and is overseen by a paid editor. SourceWatch has 43,353 articles.

Originally posted to testvet6778 on Wed Apr 08, 2009 at 07:06 AM PDT.

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