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Acorn is going to infiltrate the Tea Parties!

Some believe preparing to crash some of the tea parties.

And Code Pink!

Where is the (DHS) report warning of leftist groups like Acorn,, Code Pink, infiltrating the tea parties and provoking violence and upheaval?

Why, is Code Pink stockpiling guns?

But if you're building a militia, you should claim your meetings are disrupted by leftists:  

When our political meetings first started I made it a special point to organize a suitable defensive squad ...composed of young men...trained and brought up to realize that only terror is capable of smashing terror ..... the reputation of our hall-guard squads should stamp us as a political fighting force and not as a debating society. -Adolph Hitler

We need to remember that Hitler was considered a perenial joke candidate that could never win an election outright. But he built his base using a few principles laid out in Mein Kampf, and the GOP doesn't make a move without consulting this propaganda handbbok.

How does a budding Fascist dictator lift hiself up by his own jackboots?
1 - Blaming everything on the press, liberals, Jews, immigrants, and Parliament
2 - Claiming that Parliament and the country had become overrun by anti-German sentiment, and that real patriots should ignore the laws of these usurpers
3 -  Repetitive propaganda and illogical propaganda directed towards the stupidest 10% of the population
4 - Organizing a militia (the brownshirts) to protect Nazi rallies from being disrupted

But hey that's just like me, it's not as if you have paranoids with AKs shooting up Pittsburgh or people at StormFront yearning for a new Hitler to step into the gap and take power. Oh wait, the Jolly Nazis at StormFront are planning a picnic tommorrow....

Re: ACORN Aims To Torpedo Tax Day "Tea Parties"
What we really need isn't so much the best debater, but the ones who can whip up White people into a passionate mass racially-explicit frenzy and unleash them into bold combativity against our foes.

We can talk about the depth of our ideas with the masses after we have cleared the streets, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and halls of power of the scum!

Because these guys could count on the help of Beck, Fox, the militias ready to hop on board, as well as a whole lot of conservatives ready to abandon their principles to gain some political advantage.

Re: ACORN Aims To Torpedo Tax Day "Tea Parties"
Here's what I'm thinking for issues to address in a Tea Party flyer:
mortgage crisis
bailouts of banks and major corporations
unemployment and Third World labor
Wars for Israel
affirmative action
non-White crime

We want to draw these issues into a powerful symphony that sings "It's a racial problem and Whites are getting screwed by big global business, Liberal and Neocon political puppets (with Obama as the radical Halfrican-in-chief), and Jews! They are trying to turn America into a tyrannical Third World cesspool---a impoverished crime-ridden non-White majority nightmare! Whites must stand up and fight back! For a WHITE America!"

Yep, if they just had an inspirational leader (that looked like a joke to us), they'd be all set to put the boots to anyone that threatened to rain on their parade.

This guy is concerned that the Acorn folks will make folks like him look bad, because I guess he's like a reasonable Nazi:

The latest news is that some "plants" will show up to the Tea Parties with obnoxiously radical right wing signs like "burn all the books." They are going to try to portray an ugly distorted view of the tax protesters for the media.

Don't get sucked in by these anarchist plants in the crowd. We need to keep the message more mainstream. The media will focus on these "plants" and it's important to show that they are not a part of the group.

And this guy is going there to cruise for other racists!

I just want to know, because I've been having a heck of a time trying to figure out just what the content of such a flyer should be. It has to speak to our people's pressing concerns today (not just taxes, of course), give them a sense of the bigger racial nature of this struggle, indict our enemies, arm them with envelope-pushing demands/slogans, and give the a "call to action" to take a concrete actionable next step.
Then local organizing meetings must be motivated to independently organize the power of the perceptive fed-up Whites in the area and collectively organize efforts to these concrete actions into actuality.

I'm having difficulties writing this kind of flyer too. I moved to a new area and have not yet met the local elements of this implicitly White mass movement (beyond the racialists here). This Tea Party will be my first opportunity to size up these elements and determine where they are at.

Originally posted to bernardpliers on Tue Apr 14, 2009 at 06:43 PM PDT.

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