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OK, this was worth me putting off a bit on my statistics homework for this historic teabagapolooza of a day. This is a myspace blog that I think is at least somewhat sincere from a tea-baggers perspective.

A quick note for NAIP members going out to any of the Tea Parties going on across the country today:

These Tea Parties are protesting a number of different issues such as government bailouts, government spending, high taxes, the growing size of government etc, etc. I am sure that most of you have heard about them by now.

It is important to note that while the most of these tea parties are being run by ordinary citizens of all political leanings and parties, the Republican party is trying to take credit for these parties and is desperately trying to collect information from attendees and get those folks to support the weakening Republican party. They are trying to take the media coverage and momentum from all these parties and somehow try to funnel it into the Republican party.

OK, this is obvious. Of course, all of us kossacks are stuck with the question "why now???"

Fox News and other media outlets and personalities will be attending and broadcasting live from some of these parties. Where were they when Bush and Republican members of congress were running up record debt, a record size of government and blank check Wall Street bailouts?

Just remember that these Tea Parties are NOT Republican party events and they sure were not the idea of the Republican party. The Republican party is getting desperate. They feel their strength and influence fading quickly and they are and will be getting more aggressive towards us (NAIP) and other third parties.

Independents and members of the New American Independent Party, Libertarian, Constitution and dozens of other parties along with Democrats and Republicans will be attending these parties.

I don't know why they even bothered forming a 3rd party that is pretty much the same as the libertarian and constitution parties. Kind of pointless if you ask me.

All of the problems that the Tea Parties are protesting are problems that the Republican party helped create along with the Democratic Party.

Elephant manure and Donkey manure both stink.

A number of people requested that I speak at a local Tea Party near Philadelphia. So, I requested to speak at that Tea Party event.  I was denied and told that this event was a Republican event. lol. I am still going and I will still be talking to plenty of people. And I encourge you to do so also. If someone from the Republican party tries to block you from talking to people, hold your ground and continue getting the word out.

Yea! fight the power, you teabaggin' rebels!

The Republican Party has run out of ideas and they are starting to get scared. Libertarians, Constitution and other parties will likely also see increased resistance and aggression from the Republican party over the next five years.

I recommend that you do NOT sign anything. Alot of different groups will likely be trying to circulate petitions and sign up sheets including ACORN who are going to several locations (in urban areas) and circulating petitions and pretending to be outraged at the government. I don't know what they are doing with the information that they gather, but I don't want to find out.

ooooooooooooooooo the boogey ACORN people!

I hope you all go out and enjoy the Tea Parties! Just remember they are BY and FOR ordinary American citizens! They are NOT Republican events!

Enjoy the event and network, network, network.

And remember to pay your taxes today, unless you are angling for an Obama cabinet position!

hardy har har!

Originally posted to greenpunx on Wed Apr 15, 2009 at 10:38 AM PDT.


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