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    (Half snark/Half serious)
    My father was a Vietnam vet and a Navy Helmsman.

    His father was a decorated WWII vet and a Navy man as well.

    I have family going back to the Civil War, where one of my forefathers lost an arm and a leg fighting for the Union at Antietam against teh Confederacy. Remember history? You know, the last time a minority of Wealthy would be tyrants tricked dumbass racist illiterate southerners to fight against elections and civil liberty?

    We kicked your asses then, and we'll do it again if you make us.

    That being said, the next time some wing nut calls me or my President or political party traitors, anti-America or fascist, the next time I hear words like pals around with or socialist, I am going to blow my top on the idiot who said it, and we are going to take this outside.


    Angry words will be said. Anybody who doesn't like it can either put up or shut up. The next unevolved book burner who says "You voted for him? Don't you know he's a . . . " is going to eat a big bowl of STFU or a fucking knuckle sandwich, because my bullshit intake levels are way past sustainability anymore.

    To all batshit wackjobs, for the record

- Know what a word means before you use it. Google, learn it, or, if your not to busy burning books, try reading one. It's called a dictionary.

- I know you've memorized this one.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness.

- McCarthyism, Google it

- If you or no one else in your family has fought in the Armed Services, please refrain from calling people traitors. If you feel so strongly about protecting the integrity of our Nation and it's constitution, sign this petition, it's the least you can do, since you've done nothing else constructive in the last 8 years of Kaiser Bush.

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    Yes, wingnuts, this is your walk of shame. It is 4/16/09. Guess what? Nothing you did mattered. Now wake up from imagination land, the terrorist in your mind are not real, you just keep fantasizing it, and now you are hallucinating in public. Stop it before someone gets hurt. If I have to kick someone's ass to keep these idiots from crossing the line, so be it.

    I am tired of getting caught in between teh GOP stupid and teh GOP crazy, why don't you guys fight it out, while we concentrate on fixing the fucking USA that you've destroyed.

    If your not going to help, GOP, STFU! Lead, follow, or get out of the fucking way. And the next time you call me, my family, my President or my countrymen traitors, be ready to put up or shut up. If you like, we can go outside like Gentleman, one on one, no tricks, and fight like men. If not, STFU!

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Wed Apr 15, 2009 at 09:07 PM PDT.


Tea Baggers are the 2009 equivalent of

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